Review | Americana Clear Chalkboard Coating & Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paint

I admit I have a slight chalkboard paint obsession, I personally think chalkboard paint is one of the coolest ideas ever (the other being glow in the dark paint). I had heard wonderful things about clear chalkboard paint but I was skeptical that there was any way it could work as well as regular chalkboard paint. But I was willing to give it a try, so I was extremely excited when the Americana Clear Chalkboard Coating arrived in the mail.

chalkboardCoating2Reading the front of the bottle, it states “Transform everyday surfaces into a chalkboard” which gave me a great idea. My son just started Preschool and he wanted a red lunch box with Spider-Man on it. I looked everywhere for a red lunch box with Spider-Man and had no luck – I found every color but red. Finally I gave up, and decided to transform an old red cooler lunch box I had and make it into a Chalkboard Spider-Man Lunchbox. I also had several other projects in mind with the chalkboard paint.

I was also given the opportunity to test some Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paint along with the chalkboard paint. I wanted to see how the paint compares to the standard craft paint I usually use. I have used craft paint on every surface imaginable and I thought I would test this paint on several surfaces as well.


(Pictured above: Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paint in Dark Scarlet, True Blue, and School Bus)

Here are my projects I did with the paint and chalkboard paint. First up is the lunch box, with chalk. I used both the acrylic paints and the chalkboard paints to complete this project.

Lunch Box - with chalkI also did one of the kitchen cabinets doors in my kitchen with the chalkboard paint. It is great for posting little messages in the kitchen, and I like the idea of not having a traditional black or green chalkboard cabinet.

Chalkboard Cabinet DoorFor something different, I used the acrylic paint on canvas shoes. I love them and I have gotten so many compliments on them! You can see in the photo how pigmented the colors are.

Canvas Shoes Painted with Acrylic PaintFor my final project, I added a coloring book page to the back of my Day Planner with Mod Podge. I then painted over it with chalk board paint. This shows the image half wiped with a damp cloth after being colored.

Chalkboard Coloring Book PageThe clear chalkboard paint is a must if you are looking for something extra it is extremely versatile.  The Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paint is a must especially if you are looking for something similar to house paint and do not want to seal anything. The colors are amazingly bright and highly pigmented.

Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paint


  • The paint was highly pigmented and true to the color stickers provided on the bottles
  • Two coats was all that was needed to get a solid color this is including the yellow. From my experience, yellow craft paint tends to be more transparent than the other colors of craft paint, but this is not the case with Americana Multi-Surface Satin
  • The paint was thicker than most craft paint. It was the same consistency of latex house paint.
  • The paint also has a nice finish, similar to satin latex house paint
  • Colors mix easily together


  • None

Americana Clear Chalkboard Coating


  • Works on a variety of surfaces: fabric, paper and wood
  • It can be easily applied with a paint brush
  • Chalk and Pastels work fantastic on it


  • None (my husband may disagree with this because I am using it on everything)

Americana Clear Chalkboard Coating is available in 2oz and 8oz bottles from major crafts retailers and American Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paint is available in 2oz and 8oz bottles at major crafts retailers. For more information or to purchase please visit the DecoArt website.


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