CHA Mega Show 2014 | Premier Yarns New Collection

Reported by Maria del Pinto

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Premier Yarns showed off their new 2014 Winter Collection at the CHA Mega show this year.

One of the first yarns to catch my attention was the new “Enchant” line of yarn.  This yarn has soft sequins that are very lightweight, yet give off a great sparkle.  These sequins are called Payettes and they are very soft, so this makes this yarn great for jewelry making projects.  The gauge on this yarn is equal to a D-3 Crochet hook.

The new “Spangle” yarn is great for making jewelry projects.  It is a metallic jewelry yarn that is shiny but soft to the touch.

This yarn is very thin so you can easily work with two skeins if you want to add thickness to a project.  This would also be a good yarn for knitting purses or other similar accessories.

The new “Starry Night” yarn is perfect for making jewelry projects. Below is a bracelet made from soda tabs that has been made using the “Starry Night” yarn.  The yarn is a wide ribbon with multiple colors weaved through it. It also has bands of metallic thread running through it that blend well with jewelry projects.

Soda Tab bracelet made with Starry Night Yarn by Premier Yarns

Another fun yarn they had on display was their new “Starbella Strata” yarn.  This yarn is super soft and is a tube of yarn that has been finely knitted together. What is truly cool about this yarn is its flexibility.  For those not interested in crocheting or knitting, this yarn can be used to make an instant cowl.  All you have to do is cut off a length of the yarn and stretch the tube out with your fingers.  As soon as you have it stretched out to a comfortable width, just pull it over your head and down to the neck area. The samp process can be used to make an instant beanie, just by knotting one end of the cut piece of yarn. There were so many fun yarns on display, it was difficult to pick out just a few to photograph.

Below is a pair of earrings  made with the “Suede Circles” yarn from Premier Yarns.

Earrings made with Suede Circle Yarn

Below is a necklace that was made using the some of their other new yarns.

Necklace made with Suede circles Jewelry yarn from Premier

The “Starbella Plaid” is another fun yarn.  This yarn sports a fun plaid ribbon that has been weaved with the yarn itself.  Like some of the more well-known ruffled yarns (from this same company), it is a great yarn to add ruffles to clothing and other similar projects.

Starbella Plaid from Premier Yarns

Premier also had a lovely display of their Deborah Norville Collection yarns which are so well-known and popular.  I can’t wait for some of these to arrive at my local yarn store and see what I can make with them.

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    Mike Goodman February 20, 2014 at 1:19 am #

    These premier yarns will become a fave very soon. I like how it is used in jewelry projects.