Review | Westcott Titanium Non-Stick 5″ Microtip Scissors

Let’s face it, all crafters want when we go to cut is a good pair of scissors that work. That’s what I get when I use my Titanium-bonded non-stick scissors by Westcott.


I’ve had a chance to use these petite scissors recently and am pleased with their cutting ability. I’ve laid them out in classes as well so students could give them a try and the feedback I’ve heard from the students has been favorable too.


I’m the type of crafter who really appreciates when one tool can be used for multiple uses. I really don’t need to own lots of individual scissors that perform only one particular type of cutting (unitaskers, if you are an Alton Brown fan). I prefer to have just one pair of scissors that I can use across the board. I can honestly say that these great little scissors do that for me.

This particular pair are Westcott’s Titanium Non-Stick 5″ Scissors with Microtip, and the blades are super sharp. What the microtip means is that when I’m cutting paper, clear to the tip of the scissor blade, I get a nice clean-cut line – no little nick on the end. That’s great for those of us who hand cut letters, flowers or other tiny intricate pieces – all that fussy-cutting or detail work.


The non-stick blades are perfect for modifying stickers, cutting sticky-back canvas, or even cutting packing tape for photo transfers.

And these scissors easily go from paper-crafting to needle work. Their small size isn’t meant to cut through heavy corrugated cardboard, metal and such, but they quickly and easily cut through paper, cardstock and light-weight chipboard, and they’ll snip embroidery thread, as well as cut through felt and burlap cleanly.


Their handy petite size makes them perfect to tuck into my yarn, sewing or crafting kit.


These cute little scissors come in violet and pink, are very versatile, and are a good value for a great price.


  • Lightweight
  • Very Sharp, Microtip
  • Easily go from paper to fiber


  • Too small for cutting heavy materials like corrugated cardboard and metal

Westcott Titanium Non-Stick 5″ Scissors with Microtip are currently available on for $11.40.

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Linda Neff

Linda Neff discovered through her first attempt at scrapbooking she could create art her way and has been doing just that for the past 12 years. A mixed-media artist, she likes to use rubber stamps, inks, paints, paper, fabric and other mediums, to create a vintage look that is earthy and organic. She is the mother of three adult children and lives with her retired husband in Michigan. She and daughter, Rachel, own Green Door Studio where she teaches classes and upcycles furniture pieces. She has served on several design team and is Ranger certified and always on the lookout for new techniques. She has been published in Somerset Studio, Somerset Memories, Somerset Apprentice and Hobby Lobby magazines.


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