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This is a sponsored guest post by The Original ScrapBox.

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We could tell you how great our products are at The Original ScrapBox, but it’s even better to show you! So we decided to share a review with pictures from one of our happy customers, Yvonne Hubert:

“Seven years ago my family of six, including four teenagers, moved into a new home. Our lives were busy so I put most of my craft and sewing projects on hold. I stored all of my stuff in the laundry room closet, kitchen cupboards, bathroom cupboards, and even in my bedroom dresser. Last year a miracle happened. I got an amazing Workbox!! I became organized and got everything in one place.

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After labeling everything and customizing the cubbies to fit my stuff (love the adjustable shelving!), I left the Workbox open for at least a month.

Original Scrapbox Shelves

I would walk into my room and just look at it. It felt so good to have everything in one place. When it’s closed it looks just as beautiful. I even took the liberty of customizing it with my own doorknobs.

Scrapbox Knobs

Thank you for making such a great and beautiful piece of furniture.” -Yvonne Hubert

Yvonne is describing our top selling product, The WorkBox, and it’s our favorite as well. Closed it looks like a piece of furniture, and open it becomes the workstation of your dreams. This is a great storage solution for crafters whose supplies must share space in public areas of their home, or whose craft spaces serve multiple purposes (such as an office or guest room). The Workbox comes in multiple wood finishes and styles, to match any space.

We have desks for sewing, crafting, or anything else you like to do. Our new kids’ line is also a fun way to get your kids crafting or doing something creative. Come and join The Original ScrapBox family, where there is one place for all your memories!

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    Barb MacAskill April 4, 2014 at 12:04 pm #

    I am fortunate enough to own one of these amazing storage pieces! What a blessing it is. I am an organizational freak and this makes being organized so easy. It is very well built, holds a TON of product and is beautiful! What more could you ask for? The price SEEMS a little steep but once you actually have it and see how well it is built and how beautiful it is you will agree that it is worth every penny. It takes up a very small amount of floor space when it is closed and once opened it is like a slice of heaven on earth!!! I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to have their supplies at the tip of their fingers!