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Reported by Cassandra Darwin

First Baby Shoes - Keepsake Box

When Karolina at First Baby Shoes asked if I would be interested in a reviewing a kit to make your own leather baby shoes, the timing could not have been more perfect! With a baby boy on the way, the kit arrived just in time for me to get started.

First Baby Shoes Kit

The kit arrived in a very nice keepsake box, that you can use if you plan to make these shoes and present them as a gift. I selected the “Nina” style bootie in brown leather, but there are other styles and colors available. You can see the illustrated instructions and all of supplies needed to make a beautiful pair of booties.

First Baby Shoes - Nina Kit

Once I read over the instructions and got started, I noticed that the pieces are very well constructed. The punched holes for sewing by hand are all perfectly spaced so that all the pieces match up without any trouble. The entire bootie is put together with needles and special waxed/coated thread – no sewing machine or glue required.

First Baby Shoes - Stitching

I had to read and re-read the instructions a number of times on the first shoe, because there were a few words I didn’t understand (that are likely very common lingo in Europe, as this is a Polish company). But the illustrations and some common sense got me through the project with very little frustration and only one “mistake” (see below).

First Baby Shoes - pierced thread

The instructions caution against piercing the thread when you are back stitching. I didn’t realize that I had done that until I pulled the threads tight, when it was too late to go back. Truth be told I probably could have gone back. But I was working on this the night before I was going to be induced for labor and the deadline was looming! It took me about two hours from start to finish to complete one bootie, but I think I could do the second one in about an hour.

I really love the quality of the materials in the kit – very soft leather to make the shoes and every supply you need to complete the project with two exceptions (scissors and a ruler with metric measurements). The kits are made with supplies (leather, etc.) that are from Europe and they ship from Poland.


  • A unique keepsake gift for babies that you can make yourself
  • Really nice quality materials in an all-inclusive kit
  • Easy to construct and a beautiful end result


  • Instructions were not written in the USA so you may need to review them a few times, but the illustrations are great
  • Website lacks detailed pictures of the shoes if you need a reference while constructing (so I am including a bunch below)
First Baby Shoes

First Baby Shoes kits all retail for 23 Euros (about $30) and can be purchased online on the company’s website.

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    Kris April 8, 2014 at 1:19 pm #

    Wow – very professional looking. Looks like a great baby gift.