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My children love drawing and painting on windows. Naturally when I was sent the Bic Window Markers my children were very excited. According to the packaging on the markers: “BIC Magic Marker Window Marker features highly visible ink designed to adhere to glass! The vivid colors are perfect for both transparent and dark surfaces and removes with a wet cloth.”

Bic Window MarkersI of course wanted to see exactly how well the markers worked before my children used them. From experience there is nothing worse than giving kids a product that does not work the way it stated it would.

Priming the Marker

Bic Window Marker Ready to goPriming the markers took the most time with the white. I am not sure why but my white marker didn’t seem to work as well as the other colors; it did not flow as nicely.

White DaisyAs you can see the white was streaky, unlike the yellow.

SpringThe red, pink and yellow markers were fantastic – the flow was nice and smooth but not runny.

Close Up SpringIn the up-close picture of the red, pink and yellow, you can see those markers were nice and smooth.

The next part was clean up. I admit I was quite skeptical on the clean up because it said it removes with a wet cloth. I have used window markers in the past, and I think I still have marker on my window from them. I was determined to prove this statement wrong. I waited two weeks to even attempt to clean the window. I decided to only use water and a cloth to remove the marker from the window.

Erasing the DaisyAs you can see the markers came off with just water even after sitting on my windows for two weeks!

Daisy ErasedMy children love the markers and have decorated several windows in my house with them. My childrens’ biggest complaint is that there were not more colors. The bullet tip BIC Window Markers currently come in two color packs: white/red and yellow/pink (neon). (The jumbo chisel tip is available in additional colors.) My son especially wanted blue, black and green. I can see BIC expanding this line of markers because they are a fun rainy day craft idea that children can do.

Window Art work by my KidsPros:

• Hours of entertainment, only limited to how many windows you have or how many times you want to clean the glass.

• Not too runny, for the most part extremely smooth (except for the white marker).

• Highly pigmented colors make drawings extremely visible.

• Easy clean up – even after two weeks on my windows. Only needed water and a cloth to clean.


• Not enough colors – should at least have primary colors before neon colors.

• Priming the marker can be tricky and should be done by an adult.

• The drawings can be rubbed off easily. It might be best if you have two separate windows so there is no fighting or accidental erasing.

Bic Magic Marker Window Markers can be found at Staples for around $8/pack.

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    Shaaron Chambers April 30, 2014 at 11:13 am #

    What a wonderful product this is!! My grandchildren are going to love this and I will too as cleanup is so easy. A must have for sure.