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Perler Bead Super Pegboard

The Perler Beads Super Pegboard makes it easy to reproduce larger images with Perler beads, Nabbi beads, Fuse beads and/or Hama beads.  Perler Beads have been gaining popularity with Anime fans because of the ability to easily reproduce Anime characters with the beads and make fun jewelry and other accessories. In the package you get:

  • 1 Super Pegboard (10.5″x14″)
  • 1 ironing paper
  • 1 set of instructions

The Perler Beads Super Pegboard is clear which makes it easy to use with various patterns.  You just place the pattern beneath the board and load the beads onto it to create the pattern.  My kids enjoyed the versatility of this board.  We were reviewing DNA for science and realized the beads would be great to create a DNA Replication Strand.  So we printed out the pattern for the DNA strand and placed it beneath the board.

DNA Replication Strand Pattern for Perler Beads
DNA Replication Strand Pattern for Perler Beads

You can see above how easy the clear board makes it to see the detail in the DNA pattern. Below is the finished piece.

DNA Replication Strands in Perler Beads
DNA Replication Strands in Perler Beads

That worked out so well, that we decided to make a “Hello Kitty” style piece next.  So we went over to one of our favorite web sites, Kandi Patterns, to see what patterns she had that would work. We found one we liked and printed it out.

Hello Kitty Perler Bead Pattern

It only took a few minutes to set down the Perler beads and iron them out.

White Kitten Perler Bead Pattern finished piece.
Hello Kitty Perler Bead Pattern finished piece.

These are so fun and easy to do.  The Perler website has a bunch of free fun patterns for 3D butterflies, playing pieces, jewelry projects and more. Perler beads and boards are not just for little kids – my teen loves creating jewelry pieces with them as they are perfect to use over an iPad to create various patterns. To use this pegboard with an iPad, gently place the pegboard over the Ipad and follow the pattern on the iPad. Then remove from the iPad and carefully melt the beads using the iron (as described by the manufacturer).


  • Transparent frame makes it easy to use with your own designs and templates. You can even lay this board over your iPad to follow some of the cool online patterns so easily available on various sites.
  • The price is very reasonable.
  • The board works with many types of fuse beads like: Hama Beads, Nabbi Beads, Ikea Beads, and Perler Beads.


  • The board is large, so you need to store it carefully to avoid cracking or scratching  it.
  • The peg tips are really close together.  Depending on the brand of beads you use, you may have to use tweezers to put the beads onto the pegs.

The Perler Beads Super Pegboard holds 3381 Perler Beads and is available at major crafts stores or at for around $7.28.

What type of Perler bead projects do you do?  Have you any favorite similar type beads that you use for your projects?

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