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Reported by Maria del Pinto

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Clover Small Tatting Shuttle
Clover Small Tatting Shuttle

The Clover Tatting Shuttles come in a set with two different colored shuttles per package. This is great if you are tatting a project using two shuttles and need to easily tell which is the ring shuttle and which is the chain shuttle. These shuttles also have a nice textured area on the shuttle which makes it easy to grip the shuttle, and one end of the shuttle has a curved point that makes it easy to pull the picots while working a piece. I prefer this over the type that have a hook, because I often find myself getting the thread snagged on the hooks when using those.

The Clover Tatting shuttles come in several sizes. This particular package is the small size which is only slightly smaller than the large size shuttle by Clover. If you have arthritis or large hands, the larger size may be more comfortable to work with than the small size. You can see in the picture below the size difference between the large shuttle (blue) and the smaller shuttles (yellow and green).

Clover Tatting Shuttle large v. small
Comparison: Large and Small Clover Tatting Shuttles

Additionally, this particular set of Clover Tatting shuttles are very light weight which makes them easier to work with. Another plus is that the plastic on the shuttle is smooth and did not catch on my thread.  These shuttles do make a “clicking” sound when you pull the thread through the tips. Even though it is not too loud, if you are tatting in a place where you are supposed to be quiet, these shuttles might not work well for you.

Threading Clover Tatting shuttle
Threading a Clover Tatting shuttle

Since the shuttle does not have a removable post, you will have to be careful to remember to wind the thread in a counter-clockwise motion, so that it will not get in your way while tatting (especially if you are using beads in the project).

Properly loaded tatting shuttle
Properly loaded tatting shuttle

The small Clover Tatting Shuttle will hold enough thread to make a small ornament or a thin bookmark, so plan accordingly. If you are loading beads onto the thread, be sure to do it before you wind the thread onto the shuttle and just be careful when planning for thread space on the shuttle.

Clover Tatting Shuttle Samples
Using the Clover Tatting Shuttle

I found that these shuttles were very easy to work with. The ring sizes will vary in accordance to the thread you decide to work with. I tried them with a fine thread and with a thicker thread. The shuttle worked fine with both sizes of thread.


  • You get two tatting shuttles per package.
  • They come in a variety of colors and sizes.
  • The textured grip on the outside of the shuttles make it easier to work with them.
  • They are easy to wind when loading your thread.
  • Plastic, smooth and light weight.
  • Affordable


  • No removable spool.
  • They do not hold a large amount of thread, so plan accordingly.
  • The smaller size might be a little small for larger hands, so check to make sure you are getting the right size.

The Small Clover Tatting Shuttles are really affordable and retail at about $6 or less for the pair.  You can find them on Amazon and your local craft stores.

What types of tatting projects are you interested in doing? Are there any special tools you would like to see us review? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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