Project | Wrap Gifts with Duck Deco Tape

Who loves tape? I do! I took the Duck brand Deco Tape for a test drive and came up with a few fun ways to dress up packages and presents. Duck Deco TapeThe Deco Tape is sold on a dispenser just like the clear tape you would find at any office supply store. And the material used for this tape is a shiny, thin plastic – very different from the matte finish washi tapes that you may be familiar with for crafting.Duck Deco TapeI loved using the Deco tape to wrap a present. It gave plain, white wrapping paper a really great pop of color and shine, and really dressed it up so easily!

Duck Deco TapeI also liked using the tape to decorate the top if the package, to create a “frame” where I could write the recipient’s name.  Wouldn’t you love to give or receive a present like this?Duck Deco TapeThis Duck Deco Tape made it so easy to decorate a plain white gift. Each 200 inch roll (over 16 feet) retails for $1.99, so it’s affordable to keep several varieties on hand. You can find Duck Deco Tape at local crafts stores, and online at

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    Mike July 23, 2014 at 8:12 am #

    The great thing about deco tapes is that they come in so many designs that a simple letter or envelope can come to life in more ways than one.