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Reported by Angela Butler-Carter

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Elmer's Paint Pen

I received my first paint pen a few years ago. It was a very popular brand I loved writing with it on everything. It would write everywhere and I must have doodles to my little hearts content because low and behold that pen went dry.


Most of my experiences have been with chisel tipped markers. This particular one however was a medium bullet tip (Elmer’s Painters come in both bullet and chisel tip, and in several sizes) and I loved it! With a bullet tip, you can make quick and easy polka dots – and who doesn’t love polka dots?


You can see here that I added a little polka party on my journaling card for my pocket scrapbook layout, and I used it to draw journaling lines as well.

The ink flow on this pen is very good, but the ink is a bit streaky (which is a typical issue with paint pens). Personally, my preference would be to see the medium bullet tip be a bit smaller for my use. There is a “fine point” version of this pen but it is a tiny point for writing, too small for bullets.

Elmer’s Painters Markers in Metallic Gold retail for approximately $4 each at Walmart,, Dick Blick, and other art supply stores.

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