Project | Wall Canvas with Hazel & Ruby

My studio has a whole ton of stuff in it, but until now, very little that could be called decór. The room was all function, function, function. I’ve been wanting to change that for awhile, and I decided to start with a canvas for the wall!

Live Work Create Canvas

Hazel + Ruby has a new product line that looked like it makes creating a decoupage canvas idiot proof. Since I had only made a canvas once before in a class, I really put it to the test!

I used a 12″ x 12″ canvas as my base. Getting the paper on to it was delicate because the paper rips easily when wet with the glue (I tore it in one area, but under the paint you can’t tell). I applied glue (Mod Podge) to both the back of the paper and the canvas, and then wrapped the paper on the canvas.

Decoupaging Canvas

Then I put a top coat on the tissue paper as well, to seal it.

The next step was to place the Hazel & Ruby masks for the lettering. I used two different fonts, using the larger script font to emphasize the word “Create”. The script font can became a true cursive by overlapping the masks.

Hazel and Ruby Masks

The next step was to paint over the front of the canvas. I left the sides unpainted to show off the patterned tissue paper and provide some dimension from the wall. Most of the canvases I’ve seen done go for very light colors – frequently white – to create a whitewash effect. I tried something a little different, deciding to get out my Martha Stewart Crafts Pearl Paint that I love for a bit of iridescent sheen. I used a pink that I knew would coordinate with the tissue paper background, but also work great with the studio’s walls.

Painted Canvas

To get this effect, I had to apply two coats of paint. The instructions on the masks call for removing them while the paint is still wet and then cleaning them immediately. I found out the hard way that this isn’t optional. Since I had to do two coats, I didn’t remove the masks until the second coat was dry. I damaged the paint and the paper slightly at the bottom of the K (seen below) removing the masks, and also the letters were almost impossible to clean with the first coat of paint dried on them. I actually ruined several letters trying to clean them. If I had to do this again, I would remove the masks immediately when I put on the first coat of paint, clean them, and then reapply them to do the second coat. It is a lot more work, but would protect the masks for future use.

Canvas Detail Work

After the paint was done, there was a huge empty area in the upper right hand corner. I like white space alright, but that was too much even for me. I decided the canvas needed something. I settled on a combination of small flowers and a large rhinestone emblem for a touch of design without being too visually heavy.

The yellow centers of the flowers match the yellow in the tissue paper design, repeating the color.

Canvas Detail Flowers

Now it hangs on the wall opposite where I sit, so I can see it while I work! It hangs in a large wall space between two bookcases. Hopefully I will have more projects created soon to join it!

Live Work Create Canvas

Supplies – Hazel & Ruby Mask Alphabets (Blindside, Chalk Art). Hazel & Ruby Tissue Paper (Statement Floral). Recollections Self-Adhesive Pearls. Recollections Self-Adhesive Rhinestones. Prima Flowers. Martha Stewart Crafts Pearl Acrylic Craft Paint (Pink Taffeta). 12 x 12 art canvas.

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2 Responses to Project | Wall Canvas with Hazel & Ruby

  1. Avatar
    Jerrilee R. September 8, 2014 at 9:25 am #

    Love this!! I mostly do crochet, and used to do cross-stitch (but older eyes have problems seeing the stitches). I need to branch out and try some crafts like this. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Avatar
    Kim T September 9, 2014 at 6:36 am #

    I was so excited about this product, tried it according to the directions and ran into a couple of issues … first off, paint seeped under the letter which was disappointing and second even though I removed after I applied the paint, I still had a really hard time cleaning the letters. They have been sitting on my desk since then, I guess I should watch some more videos, but overall I was really bummed at the results. Thanks for the review! Love your articles, K