$5 Holiday Gift Ideas | DIY Christmas Candy Bouquet Tutorial

Christmas Candy Bouquet

I really loved all those cute holiday candy bouquets that I saw last Valentines Day. So for my third project, I decided that I would try to make a more simplified Christmas candy bouquet version to have on hand for any last-minute holiday gift needs.

I went to the 99¢ Store and purchased the following:

Holiday themed lollipops: $.99
Package of Chocolate Santa’s: $.99
Red Chalkboard Mug: $.99
Candy Canes: $.99
Poinsettia: $.99

Total Cost: $4.95 (before tax)

Additional Supplies are needed from your stash:

Foam (any semi-hard foam will do)
Duck Tape
Wooden stir sticks or popsicle sticks
Colored Tissue Paper
Scotch Tape
Poster Foam Mounting Tape
Toothpicks or bamboo skewers
Glass marbles or clean stones (to weigh the cup down)


Wash and dry the cup. Place some marbles or stones into the base of the cup to weigh it down. Then place the foam on top of the stones. (If you don’t have any foam then you can use a piece of Duck Tape. Just cut two pieces of Duck Tape long enough to cover the diameter of the coffee cup. Cut each piece into 4 strips, then use the strips to create a grid on the rim of the cup. The tape that is visible can be covered with tissues if necessary.)

Duck Tape Grid

Next, prepare the candy. Using the foam mounting tape, take the Santa Chocolates and attach them to the wood sticks. Then do the same with the Candy Canes.

Santa Candy Stick

The next step is to position the candy. You want to place them in the cup at varying heights to create a dome shape. Be sure that you can easily see all of the candy. Just push the wooden sticks or Lollipop sticks into the foam. (If you are using the Duck Tape grid, then just place the pieces filling in the holes in the grid.)

Next take the tissue and cut it up into 3” squares. Fold along the diagonal to create a triangle. Then fold the triangle in half to make a smaller triangle.  Then pinch the folded end of the triangle and fluff out the open end.

Triangle Fold
Triangle 2

Use the Scotch tape to attach the tissue to a toothpick or skewer (glue will work too but it takes longer). Use these to fill in any empty spaces and to hide the foam or tape.

To finish the project, I wrapped the chalk sticks (that came with the cup) in some tissue and placed them within the bouquet.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the 4th installment in the $5 holiday gift idea series of dollar store crafts!

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Maria Del Pinto

Maria Del Pinto

I have been crafting since I was a child and I love seeing what others create. I live near the beach so everything around me inspires me. I also enjoy activities where I re-purpose something old & discarded & make it into something cool. My favorite mantra is "Re-use, recycle, and re-make".

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