$5 Holiday Gift Ideas | DIY Holiday Cooking Gift Basket Tutorial

Cookie Themed Holiday Baskets

My fifth and final project in the $5 Holiday Gift Ideas Challenge is this DIY Holiday Cooking Gift Basket Tutorial for a friends’ 12-year-old daughter, who is just discovering the joy of baking.  This is a super quick project that does not require a lot crafting experience.  All you need is a box, some cooking items and a few supplies.

I went to the 99¢ Store and purchased the following:

Holiday Themed Cookie Cutters: $.99
Non-stick Silicone Santa Shaped Baking Mold: $.99
Non-stick Silicone Christmas tree Shaped Baking Mold: $.99
Treat-inside Snowman Cookie Cutters Set:  $.99
Santa Face Silicone & Metal Locking Tongs in red: $.99

Total Cost: $4.95 (before tax)

I used a few additional things from my stash as well:

Tissue paper
Basket filler material (such as shredded paper or rolled up newspaper)
Empty Box


Remove all price tags from items. Then line the box with a piece of colored tissue, or substitute wrapping paper. Then take newspaper ads or magazine pages and bunch them up into small balls and put into bowl. (This is going to create a base for your gift basket. The newspapers will keep the gift items from sinking down into the bowl.) Then add shredded paper to fill in over and around the newspapers.

Carefully add each gift to so that it sits up well in the basket. Move the filler to sit around the products and to fill in empty spaces if needed.

Then take the tissue paper and cut it up into 3” squares. Fold along the diagonal to create a triangle, then fold the triangle in half to make a smaller triangle. Finally, pinch the folded end of the triangle and fluff out the open end.

Triangle Fold
Triangle Fold
Triangle 2

Use Scotch Tape to attach the folded tissue paper to a toothpick or skewer (glue will work too but it takes longer). Use these to fill in any empty spaces in the basket and to cover the filler.

Delivering Your Gift:

I photographed the basket without any plastic or wrapping, so Craft Critique’s readers could better see how it looked. However, to finish the project I used some plastic wrap that I had from an old project to wrap around the basket and added a small piece of ribbon I had left over from last Christmas.

Thanks for following the Craft Critique $5 Holiday Gift Ideas Challenge! In case you missed any of them, here’s links to the previous four projects:

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Maria Del Pinto

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