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Clover Pin & Stow Magnetic Pin HolderI recently had a chance to try out the Clover Pin ‘n Stow Magnetic Wrist Pin Caddy, and really like it. I found the Caddy to be a more convenient way than the more traditional pin cushion to hold my pins while pining my sewing project. If I am doing adjustments on my costume while using the mannequin, I prefer to not have to bend down to add a pin to my pin cushion. This product solved that problem!

The Pin ‘n Stow Magnetic Wrist Pin caddy was so easy to use. The green wrist part is adjustable and just slaps onto the wrist. It is also soft and quite comfortable to wear.

Clover Pin 'n Stow Pin Holder side viewTo use it is very simple. All you do is drop pins onto the light green surface on the top, and the magnet holds onto them until you need them.

Clover Pin n Stow Pin HolderOne really nice feature of the Pin Caddy is that it has a center grove that makes it really easy to pick up the pins to use them.

This is just convenient – it’s safe as well. I find it is a better idea to store my pins in a plastic case when I am not using them than leaving them on a pin cushion where my kids might access them. In the past, that was a bit of a pain whenever I was done with a sewing project because I would have to remove the pins from the cushion and put them in their plastic case. Now, I just sweep them off of the Magnetic Wrist Caddy and they drop right into the  box. It’s a more efficient way for me to work. And if I drop a few pins on the floor, I just sweep the caddy over the top of them to pick them back up. No more surprise stabbings because I missed one!

This is a great sewing accessory and exhibits the usual great quality of Clover products.


  • Easy to pick up dropped pins.
  • The band is slightly adjustable since it just slaps on.
  • Easy to put on your wrist.


  • It could be slightly bulky if you have really small wrist.
  • If you have small wrists, it may move around a bit.  It would be great if they offered two sizes.
  • It is a magnet so use with care if you have issues with magnets.

The Clover Pin ‘n Stow Magnetic Wrist Pin Caddy is currently available for about $13 on

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Maria Del Pinto

Maria Del Pinto

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