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[The paints used in this project have been provided to Craft Critique by Plaid for review.]

Halloween Word Art Tutorial

I love to put signs outside the house, and inside too. They are a fun accent item that can be personalized to suit my décor. I am also a big fan of those inspirational signs and wood blocks that I see at my local department stores. The ones I’ve seen for Halloween were pretty fancy and around $15 to $20 dollars each. I realized that I could easily make a personalized one for a lot less.

The steps for this Halloween word art sign project are the same basic concept to my chalkboard sign project, but using a different type of paint as a base makes the finished product completely different. This is a great example of how learning basic skills can then translate into a wide variety of projects by switching up the materials you are using.


  • 1 rectangular sign (10”x3.47”.13”)
  • 16 gauge craft wire
  • plastic spider
  • Martha Stewart Satin Acrylic Craft Paint in Wedding Cake (white)
  • Plaid Crackle Medium
  • Wood sealant spray
  • wire cutter
  • long nose plier
  • needle nose plier
  • paint brushes
  • pencil
  • drill
  • Drill bit
  • Sand paper and file

Step 1:

Sand and prep the wood sign. Use the drill and drill bit (sized to match the gauge of the wire) to drill two holes at top of each end of the sign.

Paint the signs

Step 2:

Paint the sign with one coat of the white paint and allow it to dry. Then carefully apply one coat of the crackle medium onto the sign, but do not brush over it more than once. Over-brushing the project with the medium will affect the results of the crackle medium.

If you want an aged look then you just need to use a wet sponge to add a bit of beige acrylic paint and brown acrylic paint to give the background an aged look. Just wet the sponge and dip it into the paint and lightly tap the wood. Allow to dry between colors.

Step 3:

Seal the sign with a coat of sealant. Then using a pencil or chalk, draw your own saying onto the sign. The crackle will make it messy which is great. Paint over the pencil lines with black acrylic paint.  Once the paint dries, you can add a little yellow chalk around the edges to give the letters more dimension.

If you are nervous about writing onto the surface, just print it out from the computer in a font you like and then place it over the wood sign. Use a hard pointed pen to trace over the letters. It will leave an imprint on the wood that you can use to as a template to paint over with black paint or you can look up some lettering tutorials on YouTube.

Step 4:

Add any extra decorations or accents you want to the sign.

Step 5:

To finish the sign, cut a piece of wire (around 12 inches). File the ends so there are no sharp edges. The put one end through one of the holes and then insert it through the other hole.

Use pliers to bend the wire.

Use pliers to bend the wire.

You can just bend the wire up to catch on itself or you can use a needle nose or long nose plier to create a loop on each end to secure the wire to the wood sign.

Bend wire to form a loop.

Bend wire to form a loop.

You can make the signs look a little fancier by using the needle nose pliers to make fun bends into the wire.

Bent Wire in Shape of Heart

Here ‘s the finished product! You can see how the little bit of yellow chalk that my daughter spread around the letters really make those letters pop more than the ones without the chalk.

Spooky Sign Project

This project was an easy process to make signs that can be used for holidays or just to decorate the kids’ rooms like the one below. You can either paint words onto the sign or use stickers from the dollar store. I made the sign below using alphabet stickers from the dollar store. I also accented it with some rhinestones for fun.

Word Art DIY Sign - Emily

Word art is a popular trend, and we would love to hear what types of word art you are working on. Leave a comment below and let us know!

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