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Reported by Maria del Pinto

Awhile back, I picked up this fun Duck Tape Creativity kit to entertain my daughter who is a huge Duck Tape fan.

Duck Tape Creativity Kit

The reason my daughter wanted this Duck Tape Creativity kit is that it has some fun Duck Tape patterns and colors.

Duck Tape is an often overlooked kid’s craft idea. It’s a versatile material that can be used to craft a variety of items, including – as has been proven repeatedly during the company’s annual scholarship contest – beautiful Duck Tape prom dresses! The booklet in the kit that I bought is written for kids and teens, and had 18 different projects that range from bracelets to flowers to shoes to even diy sandwich bags!

Duck tape patterns
duck tape patterns

On their website, Duck Brand has loads of “how to” pages for projects using their tape. Want to make a wallet, a rose, or a tablet cover? They’ll show you how!

My daughter used a Blue Hawaiian Duck Tape sheet to cover her cell phone case and give it a great eternal summer feel.

Duck Tape Covered Cell Phone Case
Duck Tape Covered Cell Phone Case

Looking for a creative stocking stuffer? Duck Tape offers a huge variety of colors. Duck it! Pop in a roll in your kid’s favorite color – or even their favorite team – and stand back on Christmas morning and watch the creativity!

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