Happy Valentine’s Day with Dymo [Sponsored]

[Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Dymo, and I am the social media manager at Photo Play Paper. However, regardless of the source of the products we use, we always strive at Craft Critique to provide you fun and creative projects that will inspire your own crafty endeavors. Enjoy these Valentine’s Day projects!]

Valentine’s Day is coming, and that means cards and gifts. But it doesn’t have to mean fuss! With the right tool, like the Dymo Organizer Xpress label maker, and a few creative shortcuts, you can whip up gorgeous cards and tags to tell share your Valentine’s Day message of love.

Dymo label maker

The Dymo Organizer Xpress is an updated version of the black embossing tape label maker that most of us have long been familiar with. Only now the tape is available in a rainbow of colors, in addition to black, and it’s easy to get a consistently clear impression without breaking your hand!

Strips are a great way to create a quick, colorful design on cards, layouts, or any paper craft project. And bonus – they match perfectly with the strips from the label maker! These strips look like the are randomly placed but if you look closer, they are actually arranged very carefully to balance the color placement. The circles at the top, for instance, balance out the stripes in the same color scheme at the bottom of the card. The black chevrons at the top balance out the black of the label strips. The floral placed near the top balances the flower sticker on the bottom.

Valentines Day card


  • Dymo Organizer Xpress Labelmaker
  • Photo Play Paper “Like a Girl” collection pack
  • Cardstock (white)

The Dymo Organizer Xpress labelmaker makes it easy to customize this card for any occasion. The sentiment could just as easily have read “Happy Birthday” or “Thank You” – I can create any sentiment I want with the Dymo. This is especially great for mass producing cards for parties or Christmas. No worry about running out of sentiment stickers!

And don’t forget…Valentine’s gifts need a tag, too! A few die cuts and a sticker along with the label maker make quick work of a cute tag.

Valentines tag


  • Dymo Organizer Xpress Labelmaker
  • Photo Play Paper “Like a Girl” collection pack
  • Sizzix Tim Holtz Alterations Tag & Bookplates die
  • Doodlebug Doodle Twine (Beetle Black)
  • Martha Stewart Doily Lace Border Punch
  • Sewing machine
  • Ribbon
  • Foam dot adhesive

Stitching down the heart adds a nice bit of detail and texture. The “hello” sticker is layered on top of it with a foam dot adhesive, after I neutralized the adhesive on the back of it with a sprinkling of baby powder. (I keep a travel sized bottle of baby powder in my adhesive drawer for just this purpose.) I used this same technique on the flower sticker on the front of the card.

Just like with the card, the label maker added a simple touch of vintage goodness to the tag, but is also easily customizable to any sentiment. There’s even room underneath the “I love you” to add a second strip with a name if I’d wanted, and the Dymo can create any name I might want!

Valentines Day with Dymo

So what will you make with the vintage, customized touch of the Dymo Organizer Xpress label maker? The possibilities are quick, easy…and endless!

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2 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day with Dymo [Sponsored]

  1. Avatar
    Lisa January 26, 2016 at 3:33 pm #

    Last time I used one of these )dating myself possibly), the sticker came out very curved. Have they adjusted for that since we scrappers are using these tools now? Are they easier to lay flat and adhere to our projects?

    How’s the adhesive?


    • Avatar
      Nancy Nally January 26, 2016 at 10:34 pm #

      Hi Lisa! Well, if you’re dating yourself you’re dating me too because I remember using these too back in the “old days” 🙂

      I really have been very pleased with the adhesive on these labels. I’ve had no problem at all sticking them to my paper items, and I even have some stuck to fabric covered bins in my studio’s cube organizer and they’ve stuck for about two months now with no problems while the bins have been handled. That really surprised me that they’ve handled that so well!