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Reported by Maria del Pinto

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Pen Blade

One of the most impressive products that I saw demonstrated at the CHA Hot Product Sneak Peek was the PenBlade. There are three different blade types offered by the company:

  • #10
  • #11P
  • #15
Pen Blade has three tip choices

Each blade has a different purpose and can be used for intricate work.

Pen Blade Cuts through leather.

The PenBlade has a retractable blade that works like a click pen. A click on the button will push the blade out and then another press on the button will retract the blade. This allows the user to retract the blade without repositioning their hand. Additionally, the blades are made of stainless steel and are very sharp. The PenBlade can be used either right or left handed. Because of its design, there are no sharp edges to get caught when the pen is not in use (as long as you remember to click it closed). I also found it really confortable to hold. The PenBlade also includes the ability to trim thread while the blade is not retracted by threading it through the safety tip.

Penblade Can Be used To cut thread

The next product that caught my eye at the CHA Hot Product Sneak Peek was the “i-loom”.

i-Loom - iPad Bracelet Loom

The i-loom and its accompanying app are the next generation of friendship bracelet making tools.

i-Loom - iPad Bracelet Loom Machine

The i-loom app pairs up the i-loom with the user’s iPad to create a classroom-like experience. The various knots and patterns are demonstrated through video on the iPad. The i-loom is interactive through the i-loom app, which allows for the user to swiftly go through the videos, patterns and tutorials to find what they need. The app allows the user to create their own patterns for the i-loom, as well as to use the many patterns that the app offers. The i-loom app teaches a range of simple to complex knotting techniques which can then be applied to complete some fun projects.

The i-loom Bracelets Design Samples

I love to make jewelry, so obviously any new jewelry making tools are going to catch my eye!  My new favorite is the new Beadalon Bangle Bracelet Weaver Tool!

Beadalon Bangle Bracelet Weaver Tool

Since Beadalon was at the Hot Products Event showing off their new “Bangle Bracelet Weaver Tool” by Kleshna Handel, I got a chance to see the set-up of this tool. It is pretty simple and straightforward.

Beadalon Bangle Bracelet Weaver Tool and sample bracelet

The Beadalon Bracelet Weaver Tool is made of an Aluminum Base, and includes 22 pins and 44 holders.  This tool can be used to create three different sizes of bracelets using wire and other materials. The tool retails for an affordable $35.99.

Kleshna Handel
Kleshna Handel

Kleshna Handel has designed some fun patterns that are available on the Beadalon website for her fans to try. I love that this tool allows the user to be truly creative in the materials they choose to use!

Kleshna Handel Bracelet made with wire and jean fabric
Kleshna Handel Bracelet made with wire and jean fabric

Among the samples displayed in the booth, there was a bangle made of wire and jeans. Another one was made of wire and plastic trash bags. The ability to make jewelry out of a multitude of materials, including recycled materials, is so exciting!

What CHA Hot Products excited you? Check out part 1 of my series to find out about more of the 2016 Hot Products finalists!

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