Make A Chicken Wire Memo Board

Chicken wire is all the rage right now in home decor. It’s part of the vintage farmhouse decor trend. Especially popular are chicken wire memo boards.

Purchasing chicken wire memo boards in home decor stores can be very pricey, but the supplies needed to make one are extremely affordable:

  • Chicken wire (available at home improvement & garden centers)
  • Poster Frame
  • Wire cutters
  • Staple Gun

Not only is making a DIY version saving money, but it provides the chance to match the project to any decor. The possibilities for frame options are virtually limitless! The frame I am using is a very inexpensive faux barn wood frame from Michaels Stores.

Chicken Wire Memo Board assembly

The key to success with this chicken wire memo board project is to find a frame that has a nice flat and broad inside edge to the frame (the part where you lay the glass down on when the back is off). This will provide a nice area for hiding the raw edges of the chicken wire, and to do your stapling on.

Instructions: Discard the glass and back from the frame. Cut a piece of chicken wire to the dimensions of the image the frame is intended to hold. Then use the staple gun to attach the chicken wire to the frame. I recommend attaching all four corners and then going back around to fill in and reinforce the attachment with more staples. Make sure to pull the chicken wire tight before stapling it down for the best results.

Chicken wire can be sharp, and I suggest wearing work gloves and long sleeves for this project to protect your hands and arms from cuts. I did not use hand or arm protection and ended up looking like I lost a painful fight with a briar patch.

Chicken Wire Memo Board

Paired with some decorative clothespins, a chicken wire memo board is a great location to hold important papers, show off photos, or display special items. Mine is being used in the sewing area of my craft room to display a portfolio of some of my recent sewing projects. With the right frame, these can work in any room of the house, and are a great marriage of form in function in the battle for organization.

What would you display on a chicken wire memo board?

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