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Project | Close to My Heart Picture My Life + Washi Tape

Pocket Scrapbooking is all the rage in the crafting community. Are you looking for a way to document your life without needing to spend hours upon hours of time decorating scrapbook pages? Pocket scrapbooking is what you need. I recommend it to everyone.

I have been an avid pocket scrapbooker for the last 3 years. I first dabbled in pocket scrapbooking because traditional scrapbooking was intimidating to me. A layout seems so big compared to my favorite craft of card making. Pocket scrapbooking offered a larger size project on a smaller scale….which sounds contradictory, of course. What I’m trying to convey is that each of the little pockets can be considered an individual canvas. Each pocket allows you to create a new little project and all of the smaller elements in conjunction create a larger masterpiece. You can create a large scale project, but by creating it one small piece at a time.

The introduction of the Close To My Heart brand to the pocket scrapbooking scene brought another level of ease to scrapbooking. With coordinated designs and one central location to purchase, plus the expertise of a consultant and quality that CTMH is known for, you are sure to discover a new love of the concept!


I got a chance to work with Close To My Heart’s  “Picture My Life” Laughing Lola pocket scrapbooking kit.

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Memento Luxe Ink Review

Of all the crafty supplies that I’ve acquired and hoarded over the years, there is one that I never get rid of: inks. I love them. They come in so many different shapes, colors, and formulations. There are pigment, distress, hybrid, shadow, and archival inks, just to name a few. Over the past seven plus years of crafting, I feel like I’ve tried them all.

After all that trial (and some error), I have to say that Tsukineko’s Memento brand inks are in general among some of my top performance inks. They provide a lasting and crisp inking to almost any stamp, and I find that their inks resist fading as some other inks tend to do.

So when I got the chance to write the Memento Luxe Ink review for Craft Critique, I just had to find out if these inks lived up to their brand name. I couldn’t wait to try them, and share my results!


This pigment ink is designed for mixed media applications. It can be applied to any porous surface, according to Tsukineko, and is permanent when heat set on fabric. It is available in a 24 color palette of full-sized ink pads.

To really test out new inks, I like to make mini cards. They are super adorable, compact, quick, and easy. I also like to make one layer cards so I can see how inks lay on top of each other. These inks stamped perfectly and the colors were so saturated with just one inking and impression of the stamp.


This beautiful color is Morocco. It’s a lovely orange although it’s coming off more as coral in the pictures. It was stamped only once with this beautiful color payoff. The gorgeous gray I used is called Gray Flannel.  I love the gray so much because it is a true gray. I’ve purchased other inks in the past where the gray stamped as black, but not so in this case.


The Pear Tart and Bahama Blue are so vivid in color I just love the contrast next to the rich black ink of the sentiment.
I did use a white ink on this card called Wedding Dress. I stamped it on top of the Gray Flannel. It did not show up very well at all (you can just barely see it in the gray circle on the bottom right). I also tried it on darker card stock and I found it to be alright on that surface. It gave more of a ghosting affect rather than a true white. However, true white inks are very hard to come by so this isn’t a surprising result.


  • Beautiful ink saturation with a single impression.
  • Layers beautifully with other pigment inks.
  • Crisp impressions.


  • You will need to tap into your ink pad a bit heavily to get the ink to really cover your stamp.
  • The white ink provided only a bit of ghosting rather than a true white image.

Memento Luxe inks have an MSRP of $6.99 and are available at and

Review | Tim Holtz Distress Glitter

Tim Holtz is know as “The Man” in the scrapbooking industry for many reasons. He is the most famous male name in the scrapbooking community. Tim’s Distress line of color mediums manufactured by Ranger Industries is immensely popular with all styles of crafters from the shabby chic artist to the clean more graphic style artists, and he also creates products that are gender neutral since they appeal to both males and females.. Tim is also know for his innovative products that advance the industry toward more user friendly multi-functional products. For that reason alone, I knew his new Distress Glitters were going to be something special and they did not disappoint!

The Ranger Ink website describes Distress Glitter as a nostalgic pattern of unique glitter that mimics the look of vintage mica. A quick Google search gave me a better understanding what mica is:

Mica is a mineral that comes in a variety of colors and can be easily separated into thin transparent sheets.In addition to being beautiful, it’s non-toxic, tough, chemically inert, transparent, and waterproof. via

Based on the images I found online, vintage mica was used largely to represent snow or provide shine in Christmas decorations and other crafty projects in the early 1900’s. I remember seeing it on the edges of pine cones in the winter. I may even remember using it in an arts and crafts project in school.

Distress Glitter very much resembles mica because of its shine properties. I found that the Distress Glitter, unlike traditional glitter, has a color cast shine to it. What does that mean? It means when you tilt your project it doesn’t reflect silver as traditional glitter does. It, instead, gives off the color that it truly represents in a beautiful subdued glimmer.

Distress Glitter MacaronUp
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