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Tattered Angels, Chalkboard Mist

Reported by Jenny Chesnick

So what IS Glimmer Mist? Glimmer Mist is a quick and easy spray that delivers just a touch of glimmer in a fine mist to make all of your projects shine. Glimmer Mist is water-based, archival safe, acid-free, and non-toxic. Glimmer Mist is safe for and adheres to all types of materials including paper, acrylic, metal, and fabric.

What IS Glimmer Mist Chalkboard? The very same, with one exception, it is Opaque! Chalkboard Mist comes in 12 colors (chart below!) Chalkboard mists became a hit with the test Mist Marshmallow in 2009. I happened upon Marshmallow at a small local stamp show. It took some testing on different papers to realize how different the product really was from the original Glimmer Mist.

Since the launch of the entire line of Chalkboards I have picked up a couple other colors to play with. The Chalkboard mist is milky in appearance in the bottle and when sprayed on has more of a matte feel when dry. It also seems to have more of a silvery glimmer to it. Most of the colors I compared below have a gold glimmer to them.

The first two colors I compared were Pearl Mist & Chalk (formerly Marshmallow). In the photo you can see the noticeable difference in the “matte” of the Chalk versus the Pearl. I have never had Pearl show up so bright on a project before. Typically it is more of a clear glimmer, I find the same with the Chalk except it is more matte. On card stock alone you can see the stand out from the use of screens very well. What you cannot see it the actual “glimmer” It would just not show up in my photos. The Pearl has almost a rainbow-ish glimmer and the Chalk more silvery.

Next up is Black Magic Mist by Heidi Swapp and Chalkboard Charcoal. These two colors had the least amount of noticeable difference in colors. The glimmer seems to me to be along the same color and even the “matte” seemed similar. I had a hard time figuring out for myself which was which when I was done.

Finally Lemon Zest Mist and Banana Pudding Chalk. These two colors as you can see show a huge difference in style. The Banana Pudding Chalk has a very matte opaque finished while the Lemon Zest stays bright and shiny. The Chalk seems to be suitable if you want to have just a hint of color with this one. The Lemon Zest by far stands out against the black card stock.


  • Innovative product line
  • Sprays evenly; no mess
  • Adheres to fabric, paper, metals and more


  • Needs more variety of colors
  • Price, 2oz $6.90 MSRP
  • Can be hard to find locally

For me, which Glimmer Mist I use is going to based on my project at hand. What’s your personal preference? Have you used any of the chalks yet? Are you considering them? Leave us a comment and let us know!



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Vendor Spotlight & GIVEAWAY!: My Memories Suite Software (2 of 2)

Reported by Jenny Chesnick

So have you been pondering digital scrapbooking? Don’t know where to start? Don’t know how to use Photoshop? Look no further!

My Memories Suite will help you build beautiful pages from scratch or to make a page using one of the many professionally-designed scrapbook templates provided within the scrapbook software. A large collection of papers and embellishments are available at your fingertips to help you make each page uniquely your own. Drop in your in pictures in seconds-then crop, edit, retouch and rotate them right on the page. If this were any other scrapbooking software, you might be finished. But with My Memories Suite, the real power-and fun-of this software is just beginning.

You can make a beautiful scrapbook an interactive memory experience for anyone who sees it. Use simple one-click options to enhance your scrapbooks, with music, narration, video, and even the Internet. Go beyond pictures by showing off video of the birthday party, or record a narration to capture the memories that pictures alone cannot. With My Memories Suite you simply don’t look at a scrapbook-you experience it!

So let’s start with the basics. Run My Memories Suite, The following screen will pop up. You have 2 basic options. Create your own design or use one of their pre-designed layouts. Since I already know how to digi scrap I went with create my own.

Next name your album. Also choose which standard size layout you will create. I choose 12×12. I print online, but if you want to print at home maybe 8×11 is for you!

Next choose a page template. This by far is my favorite thing about the software. I like having my basic elements already chosen like a sketch for me. It makes placement so much easier! They have tons of templates to chose from. You can also buy more on their online site.

Below you can see my start screen and the template I chose. All of these images below are large so click on them to see the small print details. You have 3 areas in which you can chose your elements. The right-side column is the one I used, it was easier and larger. On the left you see similar tabs. I was hoping to be able to chose my elements from this side, but I could not figure out how to load my own. If you are using their elements, this menu makes it super easy to add them to your project. Double click each photo to add. You can also add an element such as paper to the block if you choose.

So as you can see I added each photo and I chose to make one of the blocks a paper block. Next up you want to set your background paper. On the right main menu chose background paper. You can choose your own, a template, color, store bought or a texture. I went again with my own. So click custom, then chose your file.

So as you can see we now have a background.

Next up is how to add elements to your page. Again in the right main menu chose the Embellishments tab. You have similar options with your embellishments as your other elements for your page. I chose to add my own. So I clicked “add” then chose the file I wished to add. One downfall I did not like as an experienced digi scrapper is that you have to add each element separately. I like opening all my elements at once to play with in case I change my mind. Also it saves time.

Once you have your element open and placed on your page you can then add your drop shadow to make it look “real” along with some other enhancements such as mirror flipping or rotating. The screen below is what you will see with adding a shadow. You can change the opacity, color & blur. There is also an options to add this shadow to all elements on your page. If you like that then that will save you a ton of time! or you can go one by one to customize.

So here is my finished layout. I added all the elements I wanted as well as some text. There are so many options to add to your finished layout. You can add music, video, voice over narration and more. You can also export your layout, share it right from the program, print it, make a movie, dvd and more. The options are truly awesome with this program.

My Memories Suite also offers tutorials on THIS blog on how to use your software. Their website is super helpful and shopping and set up was a snap! I am sure there is so much more you can do this was only the tip of the iceberg for me!


  • Price! half the cost of most PSE software
  • Ease of use for novice digital scrapbookers
  • Awesome designs to shop from
  • You can add music, video and the like to your projects
  • You can print and export directly from the program with no issues


  • Could not add elements that you currently own from the left side bar
  • Price of elements on their site is high compared to other digital scrapbook shops
  • If you are already running PSE or PS this program is not for you
  • I wish there were two versions of this software. Light and Advanced. If you mixed this and PSE it would be like Scrapbooking Nirvana

All in all I was very pleased with My Memories Suite. I will be taking some time to play even further to dig in to what it really can do. Do you digital scrap and use this product? I’d love to hear your stories and things you have learned to do with the software!

My Memories Suite is giving away a copy of their total digital scrapbook software. Just leave a comment on any of our My Memories Suite articles (this is 2 of 2) to be entered to win. One comment per person, per article, please. Winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday, July 21st, or therebouts.


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Reported by Jenny Chesnick

(from their “About Us” webpage)
Founded in 1949, is a third generation family-owned business. Throughout their history, they have been an industry leader in photo printing. In 1978 they were the first company to offer one-hour photo printing. In 2001, they were the first online photo company to allow film users to see their images online before they were printed, and only order and pay for the prints they wanted, sized and cropped the way they wanted. Their commitment is to continue providing the best photo quality prints available, with the best customer service. They have a very good FAQ page; all of my questions were easily answered there.

I personally have been using for a couple of years now. I was drawn there because of the various sizes they offer for prints. I typically scrapbook 3×3 photos and they were the only place online (that I have found) that prints this size. They offer an enormous range of sizes. You can see on the list below the sizes they offer for just prints in general. They also offer a variety of finishes and color correction services.

For even more information check out their pricing page of the site.

As far as finishes go, I personally always stick with Matte. I prefer to scrapbook with that finish as it doesn’t show any finger prints and photographs well. Scrapbook Pictures also offers tons of borders for your photos, giving it that nice edge and doesn’t restrict you to “matte” your photos when scrap booking. The layouts below show you some examples of the prints that I have used. I left these in large file format, click on them to see the prints larger.

Scrapbook Pictures also offers a Metallic finish to their prints. Let me just say WOW! I took a picture of a photo to show off the finish, but, sadly, cannot get it to show up well enough. Even scanning the photo did not work. I surfed around their sites for examples and didn’t find any. You can see that photo below. You are just going to have to trust me on this one and try it out!

I also recently tried out their 12×12 prints for Digital Scrapbook printing. Ali Edwards has long raved about them for their quality and pricing. Again, I was completely surprised by the quality of the prints. The prints turned out better than my computer screen first displayed them to be. They also arrived on my doorstep TWO days after ordering, wow!

Here are two of the layouts I printed with a matte finish, no color correction added. If you are going to print digital layouts always be sure they are 300dpi. Otherwise, they will not print at a 12×12 size. It was hard to photograph the photos. Hopefully you can get the feel of the product quality! Click to enhance the image.




I really cannot say enough about the quality, color and depth of these prints. I will be ordering like crazy now! If you have never printed your layouts, I definitely recommend using

There are a couple items they offer that in the very near future I want to try. They offer 12×12 photos books! You can use the full photo page books and upload your digital layouts to create a bound scrapbook of your layouts. Perfect for making an album, ordering and sending it right to the person it is for!

I also want to try their calenders out. I can totally see my layouts as themes for each month! How cute!


  • Quality & Service, amazing!
  • Price, 12×12 layouts are $1.54!
  • Range of sizes for prints
  • Unlimited storage
  • Fast printing, turn around times vary. However I have never waited more then a few days.


  • I wish they printed in ATC size (hint hint) and also offered wallets as singles.
  • Easier upload format, it can be confusing how to manager your albums and upload
  • There needs to be more examples on their website. So people can see how awesome they are!

Have you tried printing with Scrapbook Pictures? Please tell me I am not the only one in love here! Share your stories and I would love to see your examples of their prints!

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