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Review | Westcott Titanium Non-Stick 5″ Microtip Scissors

Let’s face it, all crafters want when we go to cut is a good pair of scissors that work. That’s what I get when I use my Titanium-bonded non-stick scissors by Westcott.

t390_91fee57bfa808f0d2d86df09891b5899I’ve had a chance to use these petite scissors recently and am pleased with their cutting ability. I’ve laid them out in classes as well so students could give them a try and the feedback I’ve heard from the students has been favorable too. Continue Reading →

Review | Westcott Extreme Edge Titanium Scissors

I thought I owned all the scissors I needed for my crafting projects but then I received a pair of Westcott Extreme Edge Titanium Scissorsto try.  I had lots of projects going on using a variety of products so I put these to the test.

I needed to cut some burlap strips and muslin pieces and was delighted at just how easily these scissors glided through both types of fabrics. They really did cut “like butter” – I felt no pressure at all and both fabrics were cut with nice clean edges.

Westcott_linda_neff_craft_critique_3 Continue Reading →

Review | Studio 490 Stencils for Art by Wendy Vecchi

There are some amazing artists creating beautiful pieces with stencils. I’m not one of them.

I just recently tried my hand at stencils and have had some success and some not so much success. I think it’s like any tool – the more you use it the more success you have. My problem lies in the creative part: just what the heck am I supposed to do with it?

The Studio 490 stencils, Artful Words by Wendy Vecchi, arrived in the mail for my playing pleasure. My Stamp Club’s meeting was around the corner so I used the stencil to create some words for my ATC’s we were exchanging. The stencil was very easy to use and I was happy with the results I got to create my little word ‘fly.’

Studio_490_stencil_linda_neff_craft_critique_8 Continue Reading →