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Comparison | Painting Mason Jars

Painting-Mason-JarsMason jars are very trendy lately, and painting them has been catching on as well. But they aren’t the easiest surface to work with…how do you know what to use? I decided to buy a box of pint mason jars, experiment with various paint mediums, and share the results with Craft Critique’s readers to find out!

After experimenting over the course of doing this project, I learned a few tips that help to improve the results when painting mason jars.

The first thing I learned was that priming the jars can help with both the application and the final appearance of the paint if you are using an opaque paint (obviously for a transparent color, the priming would show). I used Krylon ColorMaster Primer in White to prime most of the jars that I painted below, placing them upside down on a scrap piece of 1×2 and standing outside to spray them. Then I propped the 1×2 against the side of my desk while the jar dried. One coat of primer was sufficient to provide a base for painting over. Continue Reading →

Review | DecoArt Americana Chalkboard Paint for Glass

Americana chalkboard paint for glass

Theres no disputing that chalkboards and chalk art are trending in a big way throughout the craft industry. Today I gave DecoArt’s Americana Glass Chalkboard Paint a trial run.

I have painted regular chalkboard paint on glass before and it did fine until I tried to wash it and then it started to peel. So when I was asked to give the paint specifically for glass a go I was eager to see how it help up.

I decided to paint a variety of small glass condiment jars. I did mask off a rectangle area with masking tape. Continue Reading →