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Products | Jesse James Beads and Buttons for 2015

Reported by Maria del Pinto

Jesse James Beads

One of my favorite button and bead companies is Jesse James Beads, and they had an amazing display as usual at the CHA Mega Show 2015 in January. Many of these items are due to ship to stores soon!

Jesse James Bead Selection

You can’t have jewelry without sparkle, right? There’s plenty of it in the “All That Shimmers” collection!

All That Shimmer Line from Jesse James Beads

One of my favorite button lines from Jesse James Beads is their “Disney” themed pieces, like the “Nightmare Before Christmas” buttons below.

Jessie James Jack Skellington Buttons

They have cute Disney themed pieces for all occasions, not just the holidays.

Jesse James Little Mermaid themed buttons
Jesse James Disney Themed Button Line

The Pixar films are included too, with an adorable “Monster’s Inc.” button collection.

Monster's Inc Button Collection from Jesse James Beads

If all this Disney cuteness isn’t enough, Jesse James Beads also has some beautiful spring themed buttons.

Jesse James Spring themed Button Line

Buttons aren’t just for sewing – I like to cut off the shanks and adhere them to cards and pieces of jewelry as well.  They are also fun to add to hats and other craft projects.

To find these button sets, check the  I would recommend checking the Jesse James website or going to

CHA Mega Show 2014 | Jesse James Beads

Reported by Maria del Pinto

Disclosure: This site participates in the affiliate program.

Jessie James Beads

The CHA 2014 Mega Show floor was the first time that I got to see the Jesse James Beads mixes all in one spot.  It was eye candy for the jewelry maker soul.  I just loved looking all the strings of different types and colors of beads hanging on their bead wall, which was taller than I was.  You could not walk past the bead wall and not stop to admire the different shapes and textures of the beads on display.

Jessie James Beads

I really like working with the Jesse James Bead mixes. They are sold online (at Amazon) in small collections of different fashion colors and styles of beads which are all mixed together into one elegant affordable package. I can then take the set and create several pieces of jewelry that work well together. I have purchased different collections on Amazon and enjoyed working with each one. Below is a picture of a shoe that they had on display at their booth, which is accented with their beads.

Shoe Accented with Jessie James Beads

Jesse James beads also offers a fun line of buttons and embellishments which are also sold in conveniently sized packets.

Jessie James Double Scoop Ice Cream Party Embellishments

The designs range from whimsical (fairies, wizards, etc) to traditional button shapes.

Jessie James Double Scoop Ice Cream Party Embellishments

The detail on these pieces is amazing.  Above you can see the junk food collection, which my kids just loved!

Jessie James Double Flower Fairies Embellishments

They also offer themed embellishments which are great for Scout or kids’ craft projects.

Jessie James

The Christmas line is so cute and versatile too.  The tiny gingerbread men could make cute earrings, pins and pendants for the holiday.   The Jesse James Bead website offer some project ideas and excellent close up photos of their various beads and embellishments.

Jessie James Beads Christmas Collection

What are some of your favorite uses for beads? Share in the comments below!

All-in-One Beading Buddy by Mary Stori, C&T Publishers

Reviewed by Julie Tiu

Image from C&T Publishing

You may recognize Mary Stori from HGTV’s Simply Quilts and Sew Perfect, but if you don’t, not to worry. You’ll enjoy the introduction! She and C&T Publishing created this pocket reference book, in a fan deck format, in 2005. Their wish: to create “The Ultimate Beading Reference Tool”, and it falls nothing short of it with 78 Beading Stitches and step-by-step instruction.

They were on the cutting edge of the bead craze that’s taken hold in the last few years. Can you tell by the amount of aisles in the craft stores devoted to beads and findings? So, is this book for the beginner, intermediate or advanced crafter? For beading projects, quilting, embroidery, or home decor? I say, all of the above! The book reads in true reference style, with tips and how-to’s. There’s a bonus value finder included, too, for finding contrast between beads and backgrounds.

The book includes a well-thought out “Let’s Get Started” section including tips on supplies, a breakdown of bead types, and knotting. In the “About Beads” section, Stori shares this very useful tip regarding colorfastness that I was not aware of, “… beads are often dyed, or have had finishes applied. Test by soaking a few in warm, sudsy water for an hour or two. Rinse and compare to the original bead.”

I’ve played around with beading for simple projects like bookmarks, and who hasn’t made a simple necklace from just a string of pony beads or seed beads? But, I’ve never really followed a written beading pattern before (I like to reverse engineer most of my projects). It was time to try a few new stitches from the book.

Some nylon beading thread and my tool of choice, a floss threader.
Trying out “Squiggle”
Fun little earrings, though I needed to adjust the tension a bit.

Next up, I needed to repair my very intricate beaded purse. And what I thoroughly enjoyed about the reference book was the fact that I found every single stitch on this purse. Really!

Lastly, I found some more inspiration from the “Fringes and Dangles” section.

A dangle to dress up some well-loved heels…
… or three dangles.

This book is a valuable tool for any bead enthusiast at any level, “The All-in-One Beading Buddy shows easy-to-follow instructions, and photo examples covering a large range of beading techniques, plus helpful information…” That’s it in a nutshell!


  • Great pictures for all 78 stitches including visual index.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions and technical drawings.
  • Very portable size.
  • Helpful tips.


  • Fan-deck format a little awkward for me when using the reverse side.
  • Stitches could be marked with beginner, intermediate, or advanced stitch designations.
  • No actual projects included in the book (but that’s not the intention, either).

This book starts at $16.95 (without shipping or handling) at the C&T Publishing website. And, there are also online resources on their website for teachers interested in using this book as a text for teaching.

How would you use the Beading Buddy? Is this something you’ve stashed away and want to crack open again? Share with us your beading triumphs or disasters in the comments!


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