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Edible Embossing

Reported by Anam Stubbington

All to often, craft supplies get relegated to the particular craft they are labelled for in the shop, but there are so many cross-over opportunities, not just in the paper craft work. We have yarn and paper crafts mixing with crocheted flowers on scrapbook layouts; oil pastels and watercolors for making your own paper backgrounds for cards; and fabrics used for texture in clay work.

Today I decided to use my ProvoCraft Cuttlebug Embossing folders for something new. I use and abuse my folders because they are just so versatile and easily cleaned – a big bonus in my book.

We have all done the inking trick with the embossing folders, used them on velvet to extend their usability and used them on fimo and clay to make jewelry pieces. I had made the traditional clay ornaments with them – perfect for the Christmas season – I gave them as party favours using handmade air drying clay to match the invites I made also using the embossing folders.

(don’t know why the purple one looks dirty but in real life its got a gold and silver sheen)

In making these, I thought that I would try and see if I could continue the theme onto the cupcakes using icing and chocolate. I have the basic standard embossing folders so all I added was a rolling pin.

Turns out the embossing folders are awesome for making edible decorations – and I cleaned mine by sticking them in the dishwasher afterwards.
I started with Ready-to-roll icing because I will admit that I suck at baking. It was super easy – decide what folder you want and if you want the image in relief or embossed into the icing – remember with text plates, the relief version is in reverse when you place it down on the icing.

If you have a steady hand, you could even color the embossed images with food coloring. Food coloring though does not stick to the folders so you cannot coat the folder and then emboss like you would with an inkpad (which admittedly was a disappointment for me).

Then cut out your shapes either by hand or use cookie cutters to make awesome cake toppers.

Imagine the fun you could have with the whole image embossing plates for the tops of cakes or as frame bases for cake flowers.

I then tried chocolate to see how much fun I could have with the folders. I tried a few ways to do it and found these two worked best.

  • Firstly melt your chocolate to a runny dough consistency – I would suggest you buy proper cake chocolate so the chocolate stays harder longer once it is solid as my very yummy milk chocolate melted in my regular kitchen temperatures.
  • Add a little oil or cake release to your folders – I used olive oil and no-one mentioned any taste issues.
  • Put the folders on a flat tray with some greaseproof paper underneath them.

Option 1 is to pour the melted chocolate on top of your folder and allow to harder. once hard you turn the folder over and peel the plate off the chocolate – it should come over very easily. You can then use a cookie cutter to cut out the shapes you want – I found it worked better with a metal cutter that was heated in some hot water first.

Option 2 is good when you only want a specific part of an embossing folder. Place your cookie cutter (slightly oiled) on the area you want as your image. Pour the chocolate into the cookie cutter and allow to harden. Once hard, you can remove the plate and then pop the chocolate shape out – this way seemed to give me thicker shapes.

I left them in the fridge for a few hours and then added them to the cupcakes just before I served them. That said, some of my guests decided they would have happily eaten the chocolate toppers on their own so maybe make them with dark chocolate and serve with coffee for adults?

Remember to leave the cut shapes for a little while to dry out if you want them to be used flat or standing. Making cupcake toppers with the folders was so easy and would be a great addition to anyone’s DIY arsenal of tricks for wedding or party cakes.


  • Easy to use
  • Lots of designs available
  • Easy to clean afterwards


  • Not all designs work well
  • Have to work in small batches due to size of folder
  • Lots of chocolate left that needs to be eaten

I hope you also find uses for those crafting supplies in the kitchen!


Craft Critique Martha Stewart Show Event

Reported by Simone Collins

Brought to you by The Cricut Cake….

We are packing our bags and heading to NYC this week for a special live tapping of the Martha Stewart Show this Wednesday, March 2nd. This special episode will kick off National Craft Month and feature the new Martha Stewart craft products which will be sold in Michaels stores. This show will air live starting at 9a cst on the Hallmark Channel.

During the show, we will be live blogging every detail right here on our website. Read and follow along as the show airs to read this midwestern girl’s impressions of the whole Martha Stewart experience. And if you can’t tune in because pesky work is getting in the way, just follow along with the live blog feed to feel like you are right there with us!

It is no secret that Martha is a fan of social media. Last January, she featured The Blog Show which included segments about blogging, featured bloggers, and had an audience of only bloggers.     And Martha has a facebook pagewrites her own blog and is a regular tweeter. It just makes us love her even more.

We have had other brushes with the greatness that is Martha Stewart like when Sarah Moore, our Editor- in-Chief, attended the Bloggers Night Out event last August. Or when some of our editors flew traveled to Turks and Caicos last November to report on the Martha Stewart Craft Studio at Beaches Resort. If you love Martha like we do, this is just the cherry on a very delicious, perfectly frosted red velvet cupcake.

And if you weren’t already convinced to tune in to the website on Wednesday, we are also giving away a Martha Stewart Cricut Cake Machine and cartridges (over $500 value) to one lucky reader!

To enter to win, you need to post a comment or question on our site within the live blogger window or in the comments area.
You have from 7a-midnight cst to enter. Winner will be announced on Thursday, March 3rd.

Sign up for this handy reminder and then just tune in right here on the website with live blogging beginning at 8:45a cst.

We will also be hosting our weekly tweet chat on Wednesday afternoon from 1-2p cst, join us at, hashtag #craftchat for a chance to win a Martha Stewart prize! We will be talking all Martha and would love to hear what you think of the show, her products, and see your Martha-esque creations.

Click on the link at the top of the page to visit Craft Critique for comments, giveaways and more!

CHA Kitchen Crafting: Cricut Cake by Provo Craft

When you approach the Provo Craft Booth, or “Provo Craft Island” as we like to call it, the distinct smell of baked goods is wafting through the air. Provo Craft did their research, and determined that a very large number of crafters are interested in food decorating. Think about all the cupcake shops, books and websites that have popped up over the past year! Ace of Cakes, is queued into many of our Tivo’s, and most of us are at least eating cupcakes if we are not making them.

It makes sense to me! Watch the video below to see a close up view. But note; this is not just a Cricut Expressions with a new blade. The Cricut Cake™ has stainless steel components and…

  • Up to 12” x 24” cutting capability
  • Uses all Cricut™ cartridges, including new Cricut Cake™ cartridges!
  • New food-safe mats, tools and accessories
  • Specifically designed to cut edible material, including gum paste, frosting sheets and much more
  • All-new stainless steel roller
  • New stainless steel cutting blade
  • All-new blade housing unit, made shorter for better cutting
  • New Cricut Cake blade housing protector
  • Elegant, durable stainless steel dials and trim
  • New stainless steel carriage
  • New solid-colored cover and top
  • New kitchen-inspired colors
  • All food contact surfaces made of food-safe material
  • New transparent, full silicone keypad cover to protect screen and buttons
  • New protective silicone cartridge skirt and port cover to prevent mess

Do you have any questions about the Cake? Leave them here and we will ask the powers that be!

This post is brought to you by Kiki Art: Kiki Art is a multicultural scrapbooking company with a unique perspective! Visit their website in French, English or Spanish to shop now!

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