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Wax Sand Art by Kerzenwelt

[Disclaimer: Kerzenwelt provided Craft Critique a product sample that was used in this review..]

I’m a frequent user of scented candles, using them in various areas of my home regularly. I typically use jars from a major US manufacturer of scented candles, but the cost has lead me to explore the possibility of making my own.

However, I was put off by the need to melt wax and then manipulate the hot substance. The idea made me nervous, concerned I’d get clutzy and burn myself, and so I hadn’t taken steps to trying candlemaking – until now.

What changed? While at Creativeworld in January I discovered a product called Wax Sand Art, from an Austrian company called Kerzenwelt.

Wax Sand Art

Wax Sand Art is exactly what the name sounds like – sand sized granules made of candle wax. The product is made of 100% palm wax, and unlike a similar product available in the U.S. market, is available already scented! The bag pictured above, which is a little more than enough to fill a pint jar, retails for 9€, about $9.50 U.S. at today’s exchange rate.

Wax Sand close up

Wood wicks come packaged in the bag along with the wax. The correct width necessary depends on the amount of wax and the size of the container.

Wax Sand Art wicks

Making a candle with Wax Sand Art takes only a few minutes. The first step is to place the wick in the container for the candle. A metal clip is provided that is placed on the end of it to anchor it. (It can be trimmed to proper length after the container is filled, or trimmed beforehand if you desire.)

Wax Sand Art wick placement

The next step is to pour the Wax Sand grains into the container around the wick. When the container is filled to the level you desire, you are done! You have a candle ready to burn!

Wax Sand Art completed

I found that I needed to “burn off” the wick once and then the candle would stay lit when I lit it a second time. I thought it would burn quickly, being made up of small grains with air between them, but my candle is surprisingly slow burning.

The scent from the candle is lovely! I favor fruit scented candles (such as cherry and apple). The orange Wax Sand Art that I received as a sample smelled better than a glass of fresh Florida orange juice when I first opened the bag, and continued to smell as I burned it.

wax sand art candle

Wax Sand Art comes in an entire rainbow of colors, and a range of scents including orange, citronella, and florals.

Wax Sand Art colors

With no need for heat, and how quick a project it is, the possibilities for this product are endless. It’s a great project to do with kids for making gifts that parents and grandparents will actually use!

In Frankfurt, the company had some beautiful samples on display showing off the product’s ability to easily mix and layer colors:

Wax Sand Art rainbow candle
Wax Sand Art candles

If that isn’t exciting enough for you, how about an giant cauldron with multiple wicks? As it burns down, you can add wicks by pushing them down into the wax sand, and move the burn locations around:

Wax Sand Art

Hopefully this product will come to the U.S. soon, but in the meantime it is available in Europe via the company’s online store.