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CHA Paints: Delta Creative

Reported by Anam Stubbington

Delta Creative had some interesting new releases, our favourite being their new SOY range of stains and paints!

The Soy Paints range had a large colour selection, and the vibrancy of the colours was impressive. We were delighted to see that they are perfect for even young children to use. The sample Canvases they had on display were gorgeous at showing off the colour coverage.

Details from their website states:
Soy Paint uses pigment containing a bio-based soy ester resin and other recycled natural materials. Soy Paint is: • The first TRUE “Green” decorative paint on the market! • Non-Toxic and safe • Great for arts, crafts & home décor projects • Low-to-No VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) • Low odor • Easy clean-up with soap and water • Durable and long-lasting finish.

With the Soy Stains, we liked the velvet finish to the stains and the warm depth to the colours.

from their website:
Soy Stains have convenient wide-mouth jars makes for easy application • Works GREAT on soft woods such as pine – typically more difficult to stain with conventional stain products • Low odor • Long lasting, durable finish • Provides “Deep Penetration” on porous surfaces, also serving to seal & protect • Enhances the look and feel of the wood …as well as preserving keepsake items • Easy clean-up with soap and water • Premium Quality • Low VOC • Great for home décor projects

We feel these SOY Paints and Stains are a welcome addition to the Creative Paint industry and think that the quality and usability of the paints is right there with art acrylics, especially as they have no smell and come with an impressive claim to “prime, coat and seal” in one.

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CHA Tools: Ten Seconds Studio

Reported by Anam Stubbington

We loved the booth that Ten Seconds Studio designed to display all their stunning artwork. It was one of the best of the whole show with so much texture and visual stimulation!
Ten Seconds Studio introduced several new mold designs including the Big Daddy and Kabuka molds.  They are double-sided and so versatile. They also released four new colors of foil.
The detail possible with the plates and foils is just stunning.

The New Alphabet stamp set is a beautiful calligraphic one and goes so well with the current phrase stamps they also have available – made in heavy rubber they are perfect for embossing work, never mind just for regular stamping.

The Artwork in the booth was gorgeous – everything from altered art, Home Décor, cards and layouts to jewelery.

Ten Seconds Studio have added some amazing versatile products to their range of cool products.

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CHA: Punch Bunch.

Reported by Maria Del Pinto
This eye catching floral display was at “The Punch Bunch” booth.  
You may have heard of the Punch Bunch company, since it has been around since 1998 and is well known in the craft industry.
They still have their mini punches, small to large punches, silhouette punches, and other art punches.  They did have a list posted at to which punches were retired.
They also offer Books and videos on creating the “Paper Florals” using their tools.
The Punch Bunch paper flower tool kit has the special tools you need to reproduce the flowers from the punches.

Some folks have found that pressing punches can make their hand sore.  The Punch Bunch company decided to do something to help by offering the “Magnum Power Punch”.  This is a cool tool.  For those who already have some punches from this company they also offer upgrade kits, a personal power punch (for the smaller punches) and the “Punch Doctor” to lubricate your punch.

 Their new floral punches are easy to use, just punch, paint, decorate, use the “floral tools”to  shape, and then glue the flower together.

Here is an inspiring selection of projects that were made with the various punches.

Accent Photo Frames
Home Decor
Decorate Journals

The Punch Bunch does offer some idea pages on their website.

With all the fun paper punch project ideas, the potential is great!   Don’t you just want to give this craft a try?

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