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CHA Round Up: Best of the Best & Trend Report

Thanks for joining us during our CHA coverage. We are not quite done… we still have giveaways for days, and more on a couple new companies on the horizon. But we wanted to get you thinking about trends for the coming season of craft.

Please feel free to leave your comments and opinions… your favorite crafty manufacturers are reading!

Best All Around Scrapbooking: Sassafras, all the new lines are super cute and trendy… and our readers are clearly excited by them!

Best New Paper: Cosmo Cricket, Earth Love

Best Embellishments: Websters Pages Whimsy Threads and Cameos

Best Rub Ons: Hambly Screen Prints (doily rub ons)

Best in Cute: My Little Shoebox

Best New Scrapbooking: Kiki Art. The first trilingual paper line. We love how they march to their own drummer. Their designs won’t be for everyone, but that’s the idea! Here are some quick images… a full report is coming soon!

Best in Stamps: We have to give props to Papertrey Ink for a huge showing at the supershow… but to be honest, we never made it into the booth! Too crowded! We hope to see more in stamps a the Winter show! Shout out to Unity Stamp Company for their Donna Downey collaboration.

Best in Inks: Clearsnap’s Smooch line

Best in Electronics: eCraft by Craftwell

Best in Table Top Tools: Letterpress by L/QuicKutz

Best in Hand held Tools: I-Top Brad Maker

Best in Jewelry: Bead n’ Spin Bead Loader by Beadalon

Best in Notions: Protect and Grip Thimbles by Clover

Best in Fashion Craft: Simply Silkscreen by Plaid.

Best in Photography: Jill e. Camera Bags

Best Booth Babe: Scrapblog

Coolest Fake Product: Gold Plated Cricut Expressions.


Birds: Trend toward real birds and vintage-inspired birds… not retro, but vintage, and more Audubon-inspired. Realistic and hand drawn.

Games: Flash cards, playing cards, plastic game pieces and game boards.

Kitchen/food: Yum! Who doesn’t love to eat!

Japanese Kawaii: Cute, like Hello Kitty cute.

My Mind’s Eye Ribbons

Vintage: Flour sack cloth, milk caps, illustrative, 1930’s – 1940’s.

Woodland: Not going anywhere… owls, squirrels, tree stumps, logs, mushrooms, faux bois, etc.

What about Earth Love by Cosmo Cricket… I see woodland, vintage, birds… it’s a hit!

What’s next (or should be)…

Simple 12″x 12″ art papers. With the trend being toward mixed media and DIY, using tools like electronic die cut machines, QuicKutz Letterpress, screen printing tools like the Yudu, and stamps to create your own background papers, I would love to see some super high quality 12″x 12″ watercolor papers, thick letterpressable fine arts papers, canvas, and handmade papers in trendy colors, or even just in neutrals. A company that marketed their papers toward this trend would do well.

Fairy Tale inspired images. Brothers Grimm, Hans Christan Andersen, etc. I personally would like to see more “dark” themed lines, like Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, Humpty Dumpty. Darker colors, hand drawn, etched.

Retro Crafting: Wood burning and leather tooling… old scouting crafts!

Vintage children’s illustrations: Mary Blair, Tasha Tutor, Eric Carle, Beatrix Potter, Maurice Sendak, Shel Silverstein. I want it on paper.

80’s: Neon… real neon. Checkers, stripes, blocks of color, black and white. Rubber and lace embellishments anyone? I think a few companies hit on this a few years back (Bam Pop for example) but perhaps it was too soon? I am ready now. I have Electric Boogaloo two pages to scrap. We did see neon tones in polymer clay with the Pardo line by Viva. Good sign!

So that’s our story and we’re stickin’ to it! Opinions… thoughts? Share them here!

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CHA Coverage: Hambly Screen Prints

We have to confess… we hold a soft spot in our heart for Hambly Screen Prints and head chica Allison Kreft Abad. Hambly was the first company that allowed us to review their products… way back in the day… exactly 2 years ago as it turns out.

Faux Bois… it’s hot.

So here is the dealio: we are biased, but we totally vouch for the quality of their hand silk-screened paper, transparencies, stickers and rub-ons. Heck, the company has been making this stuff forever. At this point its really an issue of taste… and personally I think they have it.

Stickers done right…

Doily rub-ons… see… you want them! Oh, and their rub-ons are the BEST! Spread on like buttah!

Allison’s designs are always a step ahead of the trend. This season, we add: Wall Decals. Awesome! They are removable (for you apartment dwellers), but not movable. We dig that they don’t have any weird edges or lines to them. It looks like someone silk-screened your wall!

Allison was sure to explain to us the Wall Decals were most effective on a very smooth surface. We like when people are honest about their products!

For more detailed images see the Hambly Screen Prints Blog.

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CHA Supershow: Crafty Storytellers

From Your Editor: Sarah Moore

Normally I don’t pop out from behind the Craft Critique curtain, but this story seems to demand it. If you are a regular blog reader then you have your favorites. For me, it’s people who somehow leave a speck of themselves in your brain after you read/view them. It’s their ability to be transparent and vulnerable with their art in a genuine way that draws me to them. Behind every artist and crafter is a story. Sometimes it’s told through the art they create; sometimes they expose it through their writings.

Even if you attended the CHA Supershow you may unfortunately have missed this amazing event. Note one: it was a great idea for an event, harkening from the poetry slams of my youth… all this happening needed was mood lighting, Indian tapestries, floor pillows, candles and a smoky room. Some of which I will bring to the event myself next year to help with set design.

The purpose of this event was to bring crafty bloggers together, and showcase the stories they tell that inspire emotions from laughter to heartbreak.

Craftycafe Crafty Storytellers: Inspiring, Comical & Entertaining Tales as told by full-time Craftaholics!

Sit down, relax and be ready to laugh as popular crafty bloggers share their stories about living life as a professional artist. From hilarious craftastrophes to family memories to the quest for the golden glue gun – they’ve lived it and are now sharing the details!

Kicking off the event was the Craft Chica herself, Kathy Cano-Murillo. Her story, lifted from her book Crafty Chica’s Art de la Soul: Glittery Ideas to Liven Up Your Life
spoke about how her crafts are not always perfect. And isn’t it great to know your superstar crafters make mistakes! It taught us that sharing, and then even embracing your imperfections is how you turn your failures into success! Obviously this lesson transcends well beyond crafting.

Sarah Hodsdon read next, and then shared with us the story within the already beautiful story she’d read. Her story’s lesson was that every action, in art, and life, effects those beyond you… beyond what you can even imagine! It turns out that by voting for her in the CHA Designer Showcase last Summer (before we’d met), I in turn helped two children continue their education. Sarah’s reading focused on connections, with family, friends… strangers. Art connects people.

Oh Lauren Ferguson! I knew her as a visual artist, her mixed media style and specialty with altering objects is frequently showcased in the magazines and websites I frequent. While I have her on my blog roll, and treasure her as a source on inspiration. I, like many of you, am a “looker” more than a reader; I tend to scan blogs for pretty pictures like a child would.

But boy oh boy am I sorry I haven’t been following Lauren’s story. This woman is hil-AR-EE-ous. And please, reading her story My Big Girl Moment in the Gym will not do justice to the live performance. I am absolutely sick that I didn’t video tape her kinetics to share with you all (note for next year), because we were literally rolling from laughter. Lesson: it’s not all about your craft; your readers want to know about you, the real, hilarious, pants-splitting you.

Margot Potter was next up… Lauren in her denim and dreads is stark contrast to the sunshine and sarcasm of Margot Potter. Don’t let the point on trend fabric of Madge’s dress and the perfect accessories fool you… this impatient crafter is self-confirmed lazy. Her wonderful word, not mine.

The lesson of her story: to thine own self be true. If you are irreverent, be irreverent, if you are lazy… make it work for you. Don’t compromise your story or your art for the sake of your audience… just try to keep it funny.

In addition to being present for all this wonderful womanliness, Cathy invited me to read. I almost couldn’t; not because of lack of want, but lack of content! It made me realize while I had been sharing my art on my personal blog I hadn’t been sharing my story… and everyone has a story to tell. Heck if you follow my facebook page you know I can talk a blue streak. Why aren’t I writing it all down?

Sure. my photographs, my work, my sketches… it’s are here in my computer and on my desk, but what I set out to do with Craft Critique is all about sharing! Bringing crafters together from different genres of craft… and while we focus mainly on tools here, it’s those tools that are the root of craft. The root of the crafting tree, which branches out reach to many crafty mediums, and crafty people.

The people are the story, and I am not telling the story frequently enough. That’s going to change.

Luckily I did have something to read, and it felt really great to share in the company of this dynamic group of women.

Much thanks to all of you, for telling your stories. Don’t forget to share it with others.

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