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CHA Kitchen Crafting: Cricut Cake by Provo Craft

Reported by Sarah Moore, Founding Editor

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When you approach the Provo Craft Booth, or “Provo Craft Island” as we like to call it, the distinct smell of baked goods is wafting through the air. Provo Craft did their research, and determined that a very large number of crafters are interested in food decorating.

Think about all the cupcake shops, books and websites that have popped up over the past year! Ace of Cakes, is queued into many of our Tivo’s, and most of us are at least eating cupcakes if we are not making them.

It makes sense to me! Watch the video below to see a close up view. But note; this is not just a Cricut Expression with a new blade.

The Cricut Cake has food-safe stainless steel components as well as:

  • Up to 12” x 24” cutting capability
  • Uses all Cricut™ cartridges, including new Cricut Cake cartridges!
  • New food-safe mats, tools and accessories
  • Specifically designed to cut edible material, including gum paste, frosting sheets and much more
  • All-new stainless steel roller
  • New stainless steel cutting blade
  • All-new blade housing unit, made shorter for better cutting
  • New Cricut Cake blade housing protector
  • Elegant, durable stainless steel dials and trim
  • New stainless steel carriage
  • New solid-colored cover and top
  • New kitchen-inspired colors
  • All food contact surfaces made of food-safe material
  • New transparent, full silicone keypad cover to protect screen and buttons
  • New protective silicone cartridge skirt and port cover to prevent mess

Do you have any questions about the Cricut Cake? Leave them here and we will ask the powers that be!