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CHA Winter 2012: Innovations Showcase

Reported by Sarah Moore, Founding Editor

Today was the start of the Craft and Hobby Association Winter show in Anaheim, CA. All our favorite vendors are busy setting up their fabulous booths, and we are getting all our plans together for the week. Writing lists of which booths we can’t afford to miss, making appointments with our favorite designers and manufacturers, and preparing our feet for miles of walking!

Today we had a chance to preview the very best of the Innovations Showcase. A panel of celebrity judges selected 20 of their favorite new products to showcase “speed dating” style. Each manufacturer had one minute to gab about their new product. Then we had a chance to meet one-on-one with each manufacturer and ask questions. Here are a few of our favorite products…

The Cutting Edge, Clear Rulers by Sullivans USA Inc.

Genius at work! This is a clear ruler with an 860 grit, diamond carbide edge. It sharpens the blade of your rotary cutter each time you make a pass. The rulers have non-skid dots underneath, and a red grid measurement design. Large numbers and diagonal dots make lining up and cutting effortless. Seven sizes are available.

Prima Press Alphabet Stamps by Prima

A lightweight block with 38 easy to clean letters that you simply connect by snapping together to make a word or phrase. 3 different fonts and more to come!

Eco Crayons by Eco Green Crafts

Oil free crayons made from beeswax and plants. The box and crayon wrap are made from recycled paper. Non-toxic and colorful!

Crafty Bands by Epiphany Crafts

A unique way of creating custom jewelry for children. You simply punch out your design, add the self adhesive bubble cap and colorful plastic base. The punch makes it easy to affix all the pieces together. Now you have a cool, original plastic charm you can insert into the crafty band bracelet!

Screen-It All-in-One Screen Printing System by iLoveToCreate

For $149 MSRP you can screen print at home. The pink, plastic screen comes with the emulsifier already added, so all you have to do is burn your screen and rinse and you are ready to print. Each screen is good for 75 passes.

The Knook by Leisure Arts

Now you can knit with a crochet hook! This bamboo hook has a hole in it that holds a cord which acts like a second knitting needle. The attached cord prevents dropped stitches and the system produces a true knitted fabric.

So what do you think of these innovative products? Will you be waiting anxiously for them to pop up at your local craft store?