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CHA Paints: Delta Creative

Reported by Anam Stubbington

Delta Creative had some interesting new releases, our favourite being their new SOY range of stains and paints!

The Soy Paints range had a large colour selection, and the vibrancy of the colours was impressive. We were delighted to see that they are perfect for even young children to use. The sample Canvases they had on display were gorgeous at showing off the colour coverage.

Details from their website states:
Soy Paint uses pigment containing a bio-based soy ester resin and other recycled natural materials. Soy Paint is: • The first TRUE “Green” decorative paint on the market! • Non-Toxic and safe • Great for arts, crafts & home décor projects • Low-to-No VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) • Low odor • Easy clean-up with soap and water • Durable and long-lasting finish.

With the Soy Stains, we liked the velvet finish to the stains and the warm depth to the colours.

from their website:
Soy Stains have convenient wide-mouth jars makes for easy application • Works GREAT on soft woods such as pine – typically more difficult to stain with conventional stain products • Low odor • Long lasting, durable finish • Provides “Deep Penetration” on porous surfaces, also serving to seal & protect • Enhances the look and feel of the wood …as well as preserving keepsake items • Easy clean-up with soap and water • Premium Quality • Low VOC • Great for home décor projects

We feel these SOY Paints and Stains are a welcome addition to the Creative Paint industry and think that the quality and usability of the paints is right there with art acrylics, especially as they have no smell and come with an impressive claim to “prime, coat and seal” in one.

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Avery T-Shirt Transfers

Reported By: Julie Campbell

Are there any 80’s children out there who remember when ringer Tee’s and cut off jeans were the latest fashion? Growing up, I loved anything made from iron-ons and proudly sported my favorite cartoon character or TV personality on my shirts. Why not become nostalgic and share some of that fun with your own family with Avery’s T-Shirt Transfers!

Avery has a full line of do-it-yourself products that are really easy to use. There are now T-shirt Transfers for both light and dark fabrics. These two products are very different from each other, so make sure you read the directions thoroughly before applying. Avery recommends turning garments inside out and washing in cold water to keep colors looking their best. Below is a chart that explains some of the differences between the products:

Light T-Shirt transfers are transparent, so any pigment in your fabric will show through your iron-on. I recommend only using white or ivory fabrics with this product so that the colors from your transfer will remain true. The Light T-Shirt Transfer is placed upside down before ironing, mirroring your image. This is especially important to remember if you’re transferring any text onto your fabric!

Dark T-Shirt transfers are opaque and have a bright white background. You have to trim your transfer very closely because any negative space will be white once ironed on. The Dark T-Shirt Transfers are placed face-up and are NOT mirrored. I have found that after several washings, the pigment from your fabric will start to bleed through any white area on your design.

There are a lot of ways to create an image for your transfers. Avery Transfers are compatible with Ink Jet printers and there are downloadable free templates and clip art images from One of my favorite things to do is to stamp directly onto the transfer sheets. I made my son a custom T-shirt using iron-on letters, rubber stamps and markers. I’ve had good luck with dye-based inks and markers. Copic markers are not a good choice because the alcohol in the ink ‘eats away’ at the transfer sheet.

Of course, there are a lot of other things that you can do with iron-ons. I love taking my children’s artwork and scanning them onto the computer. Once they’re uploaded, simply print them out onto a Transfer Sheet! I made this bag with some of my son’s early artwork, and I think it would make a great gift for a teacher or grandparent!


  • Transfer Sheets come in packages for both light and dark fabric.
  • Avery’s new Color Shield™ formula ensures crisp, long-lasting image quality and the brightest colors – even after washing.
  • Unprinted iron-on transfer sheets feed easily through most inkjet printers.
  • Free downloadable images are available on the Avery website.
  • You can create your own images by using rubber stamps and markers.


  • The Light T-Shirt Transfers are transparent, so any pigment in your fabric will show through and alter the colors in your transfer.
  • The Dark T-Shirt Transfers are opaque, so any “negative” areas in your design will become bright white once applied. (Designs must be carefully & closely trimmed.)
  • When using a Dark T-Shirt Transfer, any white areas that are part of your design may fade, allowing the color of the fabric to bleed through.

I think fabric transfers are a fun, versatile product that kids of all ages will love! They have stood the test of time and are a great creative outlet. With a little practice and imagination, I think you will love this product too! I would give this product a rating of 7 out of 10.

So what are you waiting for? Avery Transfer Sheets can be found at your local Wal-Mart stores or at any office supply store near you. 8.5″ x 11″ Dark Transfer Sheets (3 pack) retails for around $10. A similar pack of Light Transfer Sheets retails for around $6. (Larger packages are available and are more economical if you are planning on trying out several projects.) Let your child’s imagination run wild and create a fun project that they will wear with pride! Have you tried Avery’s products? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment and tell us about some other creative uses you have found for fabric transfers.

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