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Doodlebug Chipboard Houses – Make Yours Haunted!!

Reported by Sara McKenzie

I was looking for a fun project for Halloween, something off the beaten track, when I came across these chipboard houses by Doodlebug. A photo of the small house, in its packaging, is shown at left.

This is part of their “Plain and Simple” white chipboard line of products. It’s a sturdy, white-with-white-core, 1.5 ml chipboard that is acid and lignin-free. The products are “precision-cut,” pre-scored, and have adhesive flaps. With the houses, they also include paper templates for covering the pieces, along with a set of basic instructions. They arrive flat and unassembled. So you have to construct the house in addition to decorating it. While a bit time-consuming, it is worth it for the flexibility it affords you in decorating.

The large house stands about 10-1/2″ tall, and retails for $7.99, but I have seen it on sale as low as $4.79 at Generations Crafting. Other online retailers include DB and Me ($7.99) and Gone Scrappin’ ($7.99). The small house stands about 6″ tall, is more readily available at many online retailers, with a list price of ($6.99) and sales prices as low as $6.29 at Scrapbook Express and $6.49 at Create for Less, in addition to the retailers already listed above.

Large Doodlebug Chipboard House, constructed but undecorated

Of course, all kinds of houses decorating ideas come to mind for these! Here are a few of the ones shown by Doodlebug:

Doodlebug Chipboard Halloween House (designed by Doodlebug)

Doodlebug Chipboard Christmas House (designed by Doodlebug)

Doodlebug Chipboard Valentine’s House (designed by Doodlebug).

And, below, is my creation: a Haunted House. I had a lot of fun with it, using an assortment of Halloween-themed papers, stickers and other embellishments. The house is strewn with some of that fake cobweb material you can pick up at the local drugstore or craft store at this time of year. I also found some drawings of gravestones online, in addition to the coffin, and I thought those were perfect additions! You can read more details about the design itself on my blog.

Doodlebug Chipboard Haunted House (designed by Sara McKenzie)

So how did I like the product? Well, the project was kind of time-consuming. I am going to be doing a workshop on it locally, so I am a little concerned about the time issue. We won’t be making scallop-edged strips to simulate roof shingles, that much I can already tell you!!! We’ll see how the rest of it goes. Overall, though, I would have to say it is a quality product. The pieces all fit together well, the cuts are clean, and the instructions are simple, and enough to get the job done.

Doodlebug suggests that you can cover your house with paper using double-sided tape. For mine, I used white glue. This allowed me a little more flexibility in terms of positioning the paper just-so, because of the open time with the glue. The drawback is you have to be a little more patient to let the glue set a little bit before handling the house for the next step. I did not find that this got in my way.

My only complaint is that even the manufacturer says you should use hot-glue to hold the pieces together. This, in spite of the fact that the tabs come with adhesive on them. Given the size of the piece, and the way it goes together, I found it initially challenging to do. I would apply a line of glue, but by the time I got the sides lined up, it had already cooled enough that it lost it’s stick. Then, of course, I had to deal with carefully scraping it off and trying again. Eventually I did get the hang of it, using the hi-temp, fast-flow setting on my glue gun, and being fully prepared to assemble as soon as the glue was applied. It might be easier with two people working together, now that I think of it.


  • High quality, sturdy chipboard, precision cut so the pieces really do fit together.
  • It’s white! If you want to paint it, you can, and the color will be true.
  • Simple, easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Easy to find and purchase online.
  • Complete with details like a door that opens, a chimney with a cap, and a set of stairs.
  • I think even the list price is a good value, given the quality of the materials.


  • The need to use hot glue in addition to the adhesive tabs that are already built in. I suggest the Doodlebug rethink this.
  • Lots of details. (I actually like this feature, but the project is not for the faint of heart!)

Overall I would rate this product an 8 out of 10. I do believe they should rethink the adhesive. Other than that, it is quality material, well made, and the project fits together nicely.

Keep in mind that this is not a beginner’s project, nor would it be suitable for children younger than their teen years. But if you are an experienced crafter, love detailed design, and spending an afternoon crafting, this is for you!!

Have you made one? Have you made a village? Please share!! And keep creating!

The Basic Grey Precision File Set

Reported By: Meredith Taylor

The Basic Grey Precision File Set is the best all-in-one file and distress kit available. The set is compact, inexpensive, versatile, and is a major time and stress saver for any project.

The Basic Grey Precision File Set includes:

– Two Flat Large Board Files
– Round File
– Half-Round File
– Square File
– Knife File

This set is a must-have for all crafters, especially those who love to work with chipboard. I was introduced to this product at a crop while I was making a large Halloween garland out of wooden ghost, bat, and other spooky shapes. I was preparing for the long task of tracing my shapes to be cut out when I was shown a whole new and easy way! This set makes covering any shape or size a breeze!

It takes just three easy steps…

  1. Cut a piece of paper to the size and rough shape of your element to be papered. (Don’t be exact!)
  2. Using Mod Podge (or your sealer/glue of choice) cover your shape completely and adhere the paper to your shape and let dry.
  3. Using the file sets file the excess paper off of the edges of your shape.

Simple as that!

The files that are included in the Basic Grey Precision File Set come in 5 variations which makes it so versatile and allows you to reach into those nooks and crannies that you never could before! The smallest shapes can be covered in minutes and are left with perfectly smooth edges. No more large sanding blocks, or tiny pieces of sand paper that can’t fit into small detail areas… with this set the stress of creating perfectly papered pieces disappears!

The set is also great for distressing the elements of your project to give that vintage look and feel. The knife file gives a great torn edge look to any paper, and with the file variations you can create numerous distress patterns on chipboard, paint, photos, etc.

Each file has a comfort grip that makes them easy and comfortable to use. The set is also small and lightweight enough that all 6 files can be stored in their original tube or in a travel toothbrush holder! The set is easy to stow away on your craft table or tuck into your bag or crop case.

Here I took one of my new favorite chipboard shapes and papered it in an easy 3-Steps just to show how the Basic Grey Precision File Set makes any project quick and easy.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:


For the butterfly I used the Board File for the broader areas of the wings, and then used the half round and round for all of the small detail areas.

The wrap-up:


  • Easy to use.
  • Versatile.
  • Small, lightweight, and easily stored.
  • Comfort grip.
  • Stress-free distressing.
  • Great price!


I really haven’t come across any cons to the Basic Grey Precision File Set. I use mine every day, so I have noticed that the comfort grip on the Large Board Files does show wear, however, I found it easier to remove the grip from the Boards anyway so that I could use the entire file as I wore it out. The grips on the other files are still perfect.

Retails For: $6.99-$10.99

Where to get it:

This is definitely one of my favorite tools ever. I’d love to hear from other file set owners and how you use it! Have any questions? Let us know!

Basic Grey Undressed Chipboard

Reported by Julia Stainton

There is something about chipboard. What is it, I’m not quite sure. I’m addicted to it. The dimension, the extra texture, the feel of it, or perhaps even a combo of all three, chipboard always lures me in. I plead guilty to having boxes of it but I have to tell you, the chipboard I am most addicted to, comes from Basic Grey.

Basic Grey Undressed Chipboard is a fabulous chipboard product. Since I first came across Basic Grey chipboard about a year ago, I’ve been well-hooked on it. With each new release, it just keeps getting better and better. More selection, unique shapes, great details…I’m afraid that I just can’t resist! Basic Grey always has a wonderful array of chipboard shapes, alphabet styles, funky punctuation and hardware to choose from, all in a hip, up to the minute style.

Basic Grey chipboard is wonderful for quite a few reasons. There are a great variety of shapes, monograms, sizes, weights to suit every need. I love having that flexibility and quality to choose from when I am designing. If you need large monograms and a heavy chipboard, Basic Grey has it. If you need a slimmer chipboard and smaller letters for a title, Basic Grey has that available too. Just released a few weeks ago, Basic Grey also has a new line of small chipboard albums. I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. Actually, I just had to buy them all!

One of the things I like most about Basic Grey chipboard is that is all comes “undressed”. Nothing fancy on it, just the plain, bare, naked chipboard. I’ve purchased cool “dressed” chipboard in colors and patterns from other companies but I just keep coming back to the plain Basic Grey undressed variety. Why? It is SO flexible! I can stamp on it, ink it, embossed it, glitter it, cover it with patterned paper, leave it bare, paint it, bead it…whatever I wish.

For holidays, I just love the Basic Grey Undressed Holiday Chipboard package. The shapes are so fun but elegant and perfect for getting into the holiday spirit. With a combination of larger and smaller shapes, this product is perfect for scrapbooking your holiday memories, creating special Christmas card designs, and crafting holiday decorations for your home. My favorite quick glitzy look for this product is to cover it with white craft ink and then emboss with a sparkling clear glitter embossing powder.

Basic Grey has just released some great new chipboard shapes that are so unique and totally coordinate with their latest paper lines. I couldn’t wait to try them out but was wondering how difficult they would be to work with. I was so excited to discover that the chipboard shapes perfectly match up with the die cut sheets from their paper lines. For example… the Infuse die cut sheets of gorgeous flowers and branches is the perfect cut to adhere right on your chipboard. I tried it out to make sure that they really did line up well and was so pleased with how well they did and how easy it made it to get really great covered chipboard. No cutting or sanding needed it you decide to go this route. Just adhere together and attach to your design. This brings me to another exciting feature…the finer chipboard packages that come in four sheets such as these…they all come with adhesive on the back of the chipboard shapes and letters. Once again…so easy (and the best part, no mess) to simply remove the backing and adhere to your design project. For the design below, I also inked the edges of my die cut covered chipboard to highlight the dimension of the shapes.
The new chipboard albums that have just been released by Basic Grey are fabulous mini albums. If you need to create a small album as a gift or simply a smaller scrapbooking project, these are perfect for that task. The Basic Grey chipboard albums come in various cool die cut shapes…scallops, luggage tag, brackets, quarter pint and half pint options. Most of these are approximately a 6×6 inch album size. This small size makes them perfect for using a quarter sheet of 12×12 paper or if you want to use their 6×6 paper pads, this works perfectly. I love that the prints are scaled down perfectly. If you are new to scrapbooking or simply short on time, these mini albums are a great alternative. For card designers, the size is only a fraction larger than that of a card making it an easy altered project. A perfect way to get your feet wet so to speak!

Now if you are going to be using a lot of chipboard, Basic Grey has a fabulous Precision File Set that sells along side its chipboard. I would not be without one! I use it daily. For sanding and filing away any excess paper when covering your chipboard, this works perfectly. Those hard to get at spots…the kit comes with small various shaped files to fit every need. I also use my Precision File Set for distressing paper and altering projects other than chipboard as well. When you are adhering and sanding the thinner versions of the Basic Grey chipboard, make sure you take care not to bend it. The benefit to the thinner weight of chipboard is less bulky albums and designs but you do need to take care.

One thing I have yet to mention about Basic Grey Undressed Chipboard is the price. Really, it is unbeatable for the amount of product you are getting. Most of the chipboard packages are priced around $6.50 US for four sheets of adhesive backed chipboard die cut in a myriad of shapes. For the new mini albums, pricing runs are $5.50 US for the 6×6 size making Basic Grey chipboard extremely affordable.

If you haven’t already tried Basic Grey Undressed Chipboard, make sure you check it out. I know you’ll love it but please, make sure you leave some for me! There are a few of the new sets I haven’t managed to accumulate yet and I really think it is time to replenish my holiday stock.

Do you have a comment, question or thoughts on the Basic Grey Undressed Chipboard? We’d love to hear from you!