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Vendor Spotlight: Stampendous Chunky Glitters

Reported by Christina Hammond

If you are a crafter of any kind, undoubtedly, you have a stash of glitter.  Glitter makes everything better, no?

I, honestly, have so much glitter that I have to hide it from my glitter-phobic husband.  I have glitter stashed in so many places, I often forget what I have and just go buy more.  The different kinds of glitter out there are amazing, too.  There are shiny glitters, glass glitters, matte glitters, fine glitters and chunkier glitters…  and the colors?  OH MY!

I thought I had seen it all until I got a selection from Stampendous.  They sent me the BEST, the CHUNKIEST glitters I have ever seen!  I was sent Crushed Glass Glitter, Shaved Ice chunky glitter, and Fragments

To be truthful, the chunkiest of the “glitters” isn’t really a glitter – it’s fragmented mica flakes that have been dyed.  And they are so pretty just to look at. 

To show you the difference in sizes.

I loved just looking at the glitters in the jars, they were that pretty- but I had a hard time finding something to do with the fragments.  It was so chunky that I couldn’t think of an application for it.  In the end, I took a cheap IKEA glass lamp and added a band of the mica using sparkle ModPodge.  It added a nice rustic, earthy tone to an otherwise boring lamp.  It is hard to tell here, but the mica is naturally slightly translucent, so the flakes glow when lit from behind.

Here I took a ribbon flower hair clip and applied the shaved ice around the edges.  My little girl loves anything glittery, so she really loves it.  It really sparkles now!

For a little something different, I applied silver Crushed Glass Glitter to the inside of a small cookie cutter to hang on the Christmas tree.  This crushed glass is so reflective and shiny, that I think it’s going to really sparkle once hung on the tree.


  • the color are amazing!
  • the number of options, variations, and types of Stampendous glitters will keep you busy
  • I really liked the big wide jars, easier to pour product back into


  • The mica is so big you might have a hard time thinking of ways to use it
  • you’ll have glitter everywhere!
  • you’ll quickly learn you don’t have enough things in your house to apply glitter to

Have you tried Stampendous chunky glitters? What’s your favorite type? What would you make with it?


CHA Summer 2011: Sizzix eClips Gets an Upgrade


Hey Sizzix eClips fans: Great news from the floor of CHA!  The ink was still fresh on the signs.  We asked for it, and we’re going to get it.
The Sizzix eClips will now work with Sure Cuts A Lot!  Sizzix and Craft Edge (the makers of SCAL) have partnered to make the functionality seamless.  The details were hammered out just the night before CHA started and a few more tweaks are needed, but it’ll be out around October.   The eClips will now be able to work with all of the fabulous cartridges by Sizzix –AND- will be able to cut ANYTHING you can design in Sure Cuts A Lot.  True type fonts.  Welding.  Tracing.  SVG files, PDFs, images designed in Adobe.  You name it, it’ll work!
There are also a few new cartridges available that are super cute.  Be sure to look for them.
Card Fronts:
Twelve Days of Christmas: Albums, Boxes and Bags #2:
Are you excited about this new development for the eClips as we are?  What would you make if you could design your own work?

CHA Summer 2011: Clover Needlecraft, Inc.


Clover Needlecraft was debuting a few new exciting products for the fabric crafters out there. The Trace ‘n Create Quilt Templates by Nancy Zieman help you cut your fabric strips and make a quilt in no time at all.  The Grandmother’s One Patch Collection has two template designs with 4 sizes each.  You can create tumblers and Faux hexagons with fast piecing and no Y-Seams.
And once you have that quilt top sewn, you’ll need to quilt and bind it…  Clover is introducing the Wonder Clips to help you secure that binding for sewing.  The clips are great alternatives to pins if you’re working with materials you don’t want holes in (vinyl, silks etc).
The clips are flat on the back,so you can feed them right up to your presser foot, and they have 1/4” and 1/2” seam allowance marking right on the base of the clips.  
The Wonder Clips will come in sets of 10 for about $7 and boxes of 50 for about $32.

The newest product Clover was debuting was the Kanzashi Flower Makers.  If you’re not familiar: Kanzashi is the traditional Japanese art form of folding and sewing fabric together to creature beautiful and life-like flowers.


A simple square of fabric is folded and clamped in the template, a couple of stitches later and you’ve got a petal ready to go.  Group a few together and your flower is done!
The templates come in 3 forms:  round petals, pointed petals and gathered petals.  There are also two sizes of each available, creating either 2” or 3” finished flowers.  Retail will be close to $5 each.

What was your favorite new product by Clover?  What do you want to try the most?  What would you make with it?