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Martha Stewart Circle Cutter

Reported by Christina Hammond

I have a ton of different craft supplies, but one I repeatedly come back to is my trusty Martha Stewart Circle Cutter. More often than not I can never find the correct sized circle punch for the task at hand, and this handy little gizmo solves my problem.  I should be honest here and admit that I own a few of these because I could not find them when I needed them (hey, two kids in a year and big move makes for one loopy crafter!).  This particular version comes from Wal-Mart.  It should be noted that this version is slightly different than versions that can be found in higher end crafting stores.  First, it’s green.  Second, the price point is lower and, finally, the higher end store versions have a few revisions that make it easier to use (we’ll get to those in the minute).

The rotating center disk has holes marked every 1/16th of an inch to produce perfect circles that can range in size from 1″ to 5″ diameter. The bottom of the non-rotating edge has small grippers spaced around that help the disk stay perfectly placed with little effort on my part while I concentrate on cutting.  Here’s where one of the revisions come in – the grippers are better on the pricier version.  They look and feel the same to me, but they just work better. 

The cutting tool features a rubberized grip with a tiny rotating, triangular shaped blade on the end.  The blade is sharp on both edges, so BE CAREFUL!   The handle end screws open to hold 2 or 3 extra blades, which is important because they are so tiny.  

Here is where we will find another revision- the covers on the blades are TINY on this version!  The white one sold elsewhere has big tags on these little blade covers so you can keep your fingers away from the blade while putting the cap on (and so you can find it when your big paws drop the tiny thing on your craft room floor!)

To create the perfect circle, simply center the Martha Stewart logo over what you’d like to cut out, and determine what diameter you’d like to use. Snap the little blade into whichever diameter hole you’ve chosen and rotate the center disk. You will hear a very audible “CLICK” when the blade is set in properly. It does not matter if you are right or left handed, or want to turn clockwise vs. counter-clockwise. 

I’ve found that it is best to tape down the item you are cutting, especially if it is smaller than the disk. A self-healing cutting mat also makes things go a little smoother (and, you know, saves your teak dining room table from circular destruction).

As you can see, a quick
Align Center
little turn and you’ve cut out an exact size circle for whatever you need! I use my circle cutter for all kinds of things- fabric (well-starched and ironed very flat!), scrapbooking and decorating. I’ve made party decorations and Christmas ornaments.

My favorite use is to cut out the designs on the front of the pile of Christmas cards I get every year. Glitter the edges, punch a hole and hang with ribbon for toddler friendly (unbreakable!) decorations, or use them as gift tags the next year!


  • cost
  • ease of use
  • cuts a variety of materials with ease
  • precise cuts
  • if you are “space limited” this one item can take the place of a bunch of circle punches


    • can be a little difficult to get the hang of at first. Too much pressure causes tears or it won’t spin
    • replacement blades aren’t readily available at most places
    • dark measurement markings can be difficult to see at times
    • blades tend to dull quickly

    I highly recommend that every crafter have a Martha Stewart Circle Cutter in their supply stash.  It’s useful in so many ways.  Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the Circle Cutter and come back and share what projects you create with yours!


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      Fiskars 4" Folding Scissors

       Reported by Christina Hammond
      Fiskars 4″ Folding Scissors

      Fiskars has come to my crafting rescue with their new 4″ folding Scissors.  For as long as I can remember, I have had a tiny pair of folding scissors attached to my keys, to my backpack zipper pulls, and in the tote for each of my projects. I used to buy them at the neighborhood hardware store from a bucket at the cash registers, usually for about a quarter.  Sadly, I haven’t been able to find them for years and I have lost all of my old ones.  I had been resorting to tossing cheap nail clippers into my bags, but this is not ideal because the blades can still catch and ruin delicate needlework.

      I was so excited to find these at Michael’s that I did a little happy dance right in the aisle and bought them without a coupon (GASP!).  They are a bit pricey for my taste at $12.99.
      Size compared with a quarter.  Compact!

      The scissors are 4″ from the tips to the end of the handles.  The blades are less than 2″ long, perfect for quick snips of thread. 

      Small, Sturdy and Useful

      Right out of the package, the scissors are stiff and difficult to open and fold.  I have had them for a couple of weeks now and I can report that while still fairly stiff, the folding mechanism is getting easier and easier.  I would like to be able to open them one handed, eventually, as I am usually doing my knitting/needlework projects in the car while my husband drives or at the playground while the kids play and there is nowhere to set a project down to fiddle with scissors. 

      The Blades:  Blunt Tips

      I would say that these scissors are best suited for the yarn or needlework crafter.  I have tried to cut different papers with varying success.  Finely detailed work is out, for sure, because the blades are thick and blunt tipped.  I found that standard notebook paper cuts well, but tissue and thicker papers result in cuts that are not as smooth as many would desire.

      Tips are protected when folded.


      • The size.  Small and compact.
      • Blades are small enough that they’re safe for airline travel.
      • The bright handles make them easy to spot.
      • Convenience for crafters on the go.


      • Cost. MSRP is $12.99
      • Folding is stiff and difficult at times.
      • Sharp enough for quick yarn/thread snips, but don’t expect to cleanly cut your scrapbooking projects.   

      Do you have a favorite “on the go” craft supply?  What do you think of these little folding scissors? Leave a comment and let us know!

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