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Clip It Up! by Simply Renee Upper Tier Extension Kit

Reported By: Morgan Novak
I fell in love with the Clip it Up! by Simply Renee back when it first came out and quickly bought the Base Unit and Upper Tier and loaded them up. Over the next few months I realized that, although I’ve seen people store all manner of cool things on the shorter Upper Tier, it didn’t really work for my own personal storage needs
because what I wanted stored on the Clip It Up! most was my Thickers and other large title alphabets. I ended up buying a second Base Unit and that was working out pretty well for me, other than the large footprint two Clip It Up’s have.
Then, lo and behold, I found this little beauty on the internet!

I was thrilled! Because I had kept my discarded Upper Tier in the back of my craft room closet I would be able to bring it back out and extend it to the same height as the Base Unit!
Needless to say, as soon as the package arrived I ripped right into it and got ready to re-assemble my Clip It Up! When you open the box you will find; a 6″ extension pole for your Upper Tier and a replacement pole for the bottom of your Base Unit. This replacement pole has a wider base so your Clip It up! can support the extra height without wobbling.
I couldn’t believe that there were just 2 pieces, and therefore just 2 easy steps necessary to customize your Clip It Up! The instructions are on the side of the box.

It only took me about 5 minutes to re-assemble the new version and in the end, both my upper and lower tiers were the same height, enabling me to have two levels of Thickers and alphabets (yes, I am aware that I have a Thickers problem). Here is what my desk space looked like before and after I used the Upper Tier Extension Kit, along with one of my old Upper Tiers.

  • Allows you to store two Base Units worth of supplies in the space taken up by only one Base Unit.
  • Assembly was super quick & easy.
  • Enables you to easily store more of your longer craft supplies.
  • Can be used to store just about any type of craft supplies.


  • Even with the new broad base pole the unit is still a little shaky, but nothing unmanageable.
  • The Extension Kit ($20), along with the Base Unit ($65) & Upper Tier ($38), are a little pricey but easy to find on sale.
The Clip It Up! Extension Kit from Simply Renee for Simple Solutions is available for purchase directly from their website for $20.

I totally love how much space this simple little Extension Kit has opened up for me (about 2 feet) and how drool-worthy my alphabets look in two layers! yum! It’s clear that I personally have a Thickers addiction, but what would you use the extra height to store?

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Clip-It-Up Organizer

Reported by Peggy Marsh

Do you like to be organized?  I do.. I like to know where everything is when I need it. Does that mean my work area is always neat and tidy… a big resounding NO!  However, I’m always on the hunt for things that help me keep my craft grotto very organized. And when it’s clean-up time, everything has a place.

I happened upon Clip-It-Up (manufactured by Simply Renee) at my local scrapbook store. I was a bit skeptical of it’s size… was I willing to give up that much counterspace to house this unit? What would I gain?

Well, being the visual person I am, and thinking this could be a good solution for all those little things I collect, I thought I’d give it a try. After all, I could easily see all of my special embellishments if they were sitting within eyeshot on top of my craft table. Maybe I wouldn’t buy duplicates and use the stuff I have if I really knew what I had on hand (you never do that, right?). Geez… that in itself could pay for the Clip-It-Up.

Once home, I quickly assembled both the base unit and upper units (sold separately). I emptied a 7-drawer storage cabinet and housed everything on my carousel. This was going to be great, so I wandered back to the scrapbook store the next day to buy more clips.

I did have several clips that were broken in the box that I purchased. But with a call to Renee’s Customer Service Department, these were quickly replaced and in my hands within just a few days.  Customer Service was a pleasure to work with.

And here’s my unit… I still have lots of room left for more craft supplies…


  • Clip-It-Up is a unique visual solution for organizing and storing all types of craft supplies (think sewing supplies, quilt fabrics like fat quarters, scrapbook and card embellishments).
  • This system eliminates the hassle of searching for things stored away in boxes, containers, drawers.
  • Supplies can be sorted and arranged by type (florals, seasons, holidays, etc.).
  • Storage stand features a circular design with a rotating metal ring.
  • The base and upper tier each come with metal swivel clips that hold craft supplies.
  • Includes section tabs (heavy-duty black vinyl) with do-it-yourself labels.
  • The top has an easy-to-carry handle.
  • Simply Renee has excellent customer service.
  • Very easy to assemble both the base and upper units. Total assembly time took less than 10 minutes.


  • Several of the clips included were broken and mangled and couldn’t be used.
  • Extra clips are pricey (retails for $8.00 for 25 clips)
  • More clips with the purchase of the carousel would be desirable.

What do you use for your embellishment organization? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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Clip It Up by Simply Renee

Reported by Stephanie Wheeler

After hearing rave reviews from my friends, and reading tales of organized embellishments across the world, I thought I’d take the plunge and buy a Clip It Up, what I think is one of the most innovative and practical ways to store scrapbooking and crafting supplies.

The Clip It Up is a vertical organization unit made up of one central column with an attached rotating metal ring. It comes in three sizes: a 18.5″ base unit, a 9.5″ upper tier and a 6″ mini tier (each sold separately). Each unit comes with a set of clips that slide on to the metal ring, allowing you to clip up your supplies. This makes them easily accessible as well as visible, allowing you to organize and flip through your stash of embellishments such as stickers, die cuts, ribbon, rub-ons and even brads and eyelets.

When ordering my Clip It Up, I decided that more space is always better, so I opted to order the base unit and the upper tier, giving me room for small embellishments on top and taller items like stickers on the bottom. The assembly was a snap. It probably took me a total of five minutes to get mine put together. Everything simply screwed together, no tools were necessary.

After a day of organizing and purging, my pile of supplies went from this:

to this:

making my scrap room much less insane.

For such a simple object, the Clip It Up provides a lot of practical organization in one spot. The fact that it’s vertical makes it perfect for storing on the floor, on a table or on a shelf. The rotation of the metal ring makes it really convenient as well, eliminating the need to shove supplies in a box where some might never again see the light of day. I highly recommend it for anyone who’s ready to get those embellishments out of a box and into view where they will be used and appreciated.

Although I would consider the Clip It Up to be one of my most favorite organization tools, it does have its drawbacks. For the price of $65+ for only one unit, it is disappointingly made of plastic. I would much rather have a unit made of metal that I know will last for years. It is also only available in single units, making it costly to expand.


  • Super easy assembly, consists of very few parts
  • Base unit comes with 80 clips and 25 tabs and labels for organizing
  • Once assembled, makes embellishments easily viewable and accessible
  • Holds lots and lots of product


  • Made of hard plastic, not metal
  • Only holds a 90-day warranty
  • Price is high for a single unit
  • Each tier is sold separately
  • Tends to lean if not organized properly

Where to Buy:

Rating: 8 out of 10

The Clip It Up retails at $65 for the base unit, $38 for the upper tier add on, $55 for the mini tier and extra supplies like clips and zipper bags vary from $4-13.

So tell me what you think! Do you own a Clip It Up? Do you love it? Hate it? Has it changed your life?

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