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Review | Clover Pin ‘n Stow Magnetic Wrist Pin Caddy

Clover Pin & Stow Magnetic Pin HolderI recently had a chance to try out the Clover Pin ‘n Stow Magnetic Wrist Pin Caddy, and really like it. I found the Caddy to be a more convenient way than the more traditional pin cushion to hold my pins while pining my sewing project. If I am doing adjustments on my costume while using the mannequin, I prefer to not have to bend down to add a pin to my pin cushion. This product solved that problem!

The Pin ‘n Stow Magnetic Wrist Pin caddy was so easy to use. The green wrist part is adjustable and just slaps onto the wrist. It is also soft and quite comfortable to wear. Continue Reading →

Review | Clover Jumbo Wonder Clips

Clover Jumbo Wonder ClipsThe Clover Jumbo Wonder Clips have proven to be the essential tool for many of my crafting needs. These nifty little clips can be used for so many different crafting, sewing, knitting, and jewelry making activities. I am over the moon with them! When I first was sent the package by our editor Nancy, I thought at first “what the heck do I use these for?” Needless to say, once I started playing with them, I realized their potential! Continue Reading →

Review | Clover Basket Frames

Clover Basket Frame Sample From Craft Show

Clover Basket Frame Sample From Craft Show

If you love to DIY your home decor items, you may be interested in the Clover Basket Frame Kit that I recently had a chance to try out. It takes the time-consuming process of basket making and changes it into a quick and easy afternoon project. The plus is that you can choose whatever type of fibers (within certain size constraints) that you want to work with to make the basket. This allows you to enhance your home decor while creating a pretty useful basket. Continue Reading →