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Review | Scrapbooking Attitude by Craft Attitude

Package Scrapbookin Attitude Film  package

I was extremely excited to try Scrapbooking Attitude by Craft Attitude because I had read and seen so many projects using it.  I do recommend reading all directions before starting a project with a new product.

After reading the directions on how to handle the paper and what side is the “printing” side, I decided I wanted to test to see exactly what other mediums could be used with this product.  I cut the a sheet into 2” x 2” squares, careful not to damage the “printing side” of the paper.

I used a variety of items – Pigma Micron pens, Sharpie pens, Bic Mark-it pens, Distress Ink, Staz-on Ink – and had fun experimenting. (I discovered that Prismacolor colored pencils do not work on this product).  Why did I do this, as opposed to the use-as-directed method at first?  I knew the paper worked with an inkjet printer but I wanted to know what else I could do with it.  When I purchase a product, I am looking for versatility.  I want to know what other things can I do with a product before I purchase an item; I personally am not a fan of “one item one use.” Continue Reading →

Review | Jewelry Attitude by Craft Attitude

Jewelry Attitude

If you’ve ever tried to successfully adhere images (especially photos) to glass or acrylic pendants for use in jewelry and home decor design, you are probably aware of how tricky it can be.

Regular photo paper is too slick, and doesn’t adhere well to a super smooth surface no matter what adhesive you use. Cardstock doesn’t take photographic images well and soaks up adhesive, leaving the image dull and sometimes blurry.

Enter Jewelry Attitude by Craft Attitude (package includes eight 8.5 x 11″ sheets and retails for $16.99). Jewelry Attitude is “a new, patented technology that allows your printed inkjet image to be separated from its original paper carrier and become part of a new surface when applied.”

Jewelry Attitude is marketed specifically for jewelry design, but there are other versions of this paper being marketed, such as Decor Attitude, Magnet Attitude, Quilt Attitude, etc.

The package includes eight sheets of the jewelry attitude film and instructions. It’s basically a clear film backed by paper that you run through your ink jet printer. Continue Reading →

CHA Winter 2013: Innovations Showcase Products (Part 2)

[Editor’s Note: This is part two of Maria’s overview of the CHA Winter 2013 Innovations Showcase. In case you missed it, you can read part one from yesterday to get the whole story.)

One highlight of the CHA Winter 2013 Innovations Showcase event was the opportunity to speak to Rachel Faucett. Rachel is the author & designer from the popular blog, Handmade Charlotte. For those who may be unfamiliar  with the Handmade Charlotte blog, Rachel blogs about a variety of subject matters that would appeal to families.  She is a mother of five kids, a blogger, and a designer for Anthropologie, as well as working on her farm.  I have loved reading her blog and have found her advice and suggestions very helpful.

Cool Wall Organizer designed and made by Handmade Charlotte

We discussed her new Handmade Charlotte line of stencils from Plaid that are great for all types of projects.  They can be used on fabric, wood, and more.  She currently has a short video on YouTube for Plaid that shows how to make an easy copper necklace.

Handmade Charlotte stencils from Plaid

Handmade Charlotte stencils from Plaid

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