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Sponsor | The Original ScrapBox WorkBox

This is a sponsored guest post by The Original ScrapBox.

The Original ScrapBox Logo

We could tell you how great our products are at The Original ScrapBox, but it’s even better to show you! So we decided to share a review with pictures from one of our happy customers, Yvonne Hubert:

“Seven years ago my family of six, including four teenagers, moved into a new home. Our lives were busy so I put most of my craft and sewing projects on hold. I stored all of my stuff in the laundry room closet, kitchen cupboards, bathroom cupboards, and even in my bedroom dresser. Last year a miracle happened. I got an amazing Workbox!! I became organized and got everything in one place.

The Original ScrapBox

After labeling everything and customizing the cubbies to fit my stuff (love the adjustable shelving!), I left the Workbox open for at least a month.

Original Scrapbox Shelves

I would walk into my room and just look at it. It felt so good to have everything in one place. When it’s closed it looks just as beautiful. I even took the liberty of customizing it with my own doorknobs.

Scrapbox Knobs

Thank you for making such a great and beautiful piece of furniture.” -Yvonne Hubert

Yvonne is describing our top selling product, The WorkBox, and it’s our favorite as well. Closed it looks like a piece of furniture, and open it becomes the workstation of your dreams. This is a great storage solution for crafters whose supplies must share space in public areas of their home, or whose craft spaces serve multiple purposes (such as an office or guest room). The Workbox comes in multiple wood finishes and styles, to match any space.

We have desks for sewing, crafting, or anything else you like to do. Our new kids’ line is also a fun way to get your kids crafting or doing something creative. Come and join The Original ScrapBox family, where there is one place for all your memories!

Craft Supply Organizers: What to Look For

Reported by Jessica Ripley

Recently, fellow reporter Taylor Usry wrote a great article on organizing your craft supplies. It is that time isn’t it? With Spring right around the corner, it’s time to declare war on any clutter in our craft areas. Both to start the Spring Cleaning off right, and of course to make way for all the new stuff we choose to get our hot little hands on.

Luckily, the craft industry isn’t a fool when it comes to knowing we not only love our supplies, but also love ways to keep them neat and tidy. There are a multitude of organization items geared specifically toward pretty much anything we as crafters own. From stamps and ink, to ribbon and beads, to paper and punches, if you own it someone will sell you something to put it in. In fact there are so many options, it can sometimes make your head spin while trying to decide just exactly what will work best for you. And then before you know it you need an organizer for all your organizers!

So what should you look for when shopping for a supply organizer? Here is a list of five things to have in mind to keep you both centered and sane while you make a creative space fit just for your needs.

1. How much space do I have to devote to storage?
Look at your crafting area (or room if you are so lucky) and decide first where organizers and storage could go.

  • Look Up: Do you have shelves already or can you install some on the wall? Are they nice and deep or narrow?
  • Look Down: Are there places you could have a free-standing unit? Like under your work table or in a closet?
  • Look Around: Do you have ample counter space? Or just a tiny work area that is often cluttered with your latest project?

I have square shelves and a large L-shaped desk. I never use the entire desk surface as I tend to keep my projects consolidated, so I knew I could utilize my desktop space for storage too. This carousel by Making Memories was then something I knew would work well for me.

Craft Critique’s review of the desktop carousel will help convince you. It does take up a lot of surface area, however it was space I could spare, and it’s been wonderful for having items right at my fingertips.

2. What one thing do I tend to own the most of?
Do you have so many flowers you could rival the royal gardens? Do you desire every bit of ribbon you see? Or do you have so many ink pads the police come calling when they run out at the station for fingerprinting? Whatever your addiction, that is what deserves its own specialized organizer or location. There’s nothing worse that digging through other items just to find your favorites.

In my case, I tend to collect pens. I have all sorts. Therefore they have their own drawer where nothing else is allowed, and where I can spread them out liberally for the picking.

3. Will I use it if I can’t see it? (or forget I have it?)
Are you more likely to use something from your stash if it’s staring you in the face? Or do you have a mental inventory of what you have on hand and know exactly which pieces you would like to work with?

I need to see as many of my supplies as possible or I’ll neglect them. I am horrible at neatly putting something away, only to find it months later, and then not be as in love with it as I was before (I admit it, I like the newness of the trends). So, I knew I needed something that would display what I had or I’d never get to it (or just keep buying new). The solution to this for me was the Clip it Up by Simply Renee.

It’s been perfect for keeping me using what I have, and fit my need for counter top items. I also have see through drawers to remind me I do not need any more beads, ink pads, etc. You can read reviews of the Clip it Up on Craft Critique here and here, and also a recent review of the upper extension piece here.

4. Is it functional for what I create with?
Meaning, is it a good fit for what I like to keep on hand? Or am I just wanting it because it makes for a pretty view?

I have been tempted by many an organizer simply because it looked pretty on the wall when filled with certain products. You’ve seen the pictures too, where a perfectly organized wall unit or shelf is filled with embellishments all in the same color and they are placed just so. That’s not a realistic and working craft room, that’s a photo shoot. If you have the room to enjoy such a thing I say have at it, but if not, remember the difference when you shop.

And finally,

5. Can I re-purpose something I already own, or purchase something less expensive?
While there are a multitude of products to choose from for craft organization, this elite description does come with a price tag. There are many times when with a little thinking outside the box, you can create or find something not specifically meant for craft supplies, but that will do just dandy. So ask yourself:

  • Have I checked the hardware of thrift store for something similar?
  • Do they have something in the office supply store that would work?
  • If I just washed out this spaghetti sauce jar and peeled off the label would anyone besides me ever know it wasn’t meant for buttons?

For example, I used a clear over the door shoe holder just like this one for many of my supplies. It was less than $10.00, and is perfect for my punches and stamps.

I’ve also found many options at thrift stores. An old paper towel holder becomes a ribbon spool, or an outdated spice rack a place for bits and baubles. There is also a bonus of getting to re-purpose thrift store items. Raise your hand if you like to alter things too!

So, whether you are reorganizing what you already have, or purchasing new, keep the above five questions in mind when you go. It will keep your organization process as it should be, simple and stress free.

You can also find lots more ideas and reviews on organizational products right here on Craft Critique. Some examples:

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ScrapOnizer Toolbox

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Scrapbook Organization: A Manifesto

Ikea for Craft Storage

And more! Use the handy Google search box in the sidebar to look for whatever you might desire. And if you can’t find it here, let us know you want us to review it!

What other things might you look for when deciding on which organizational items work best for you? Any tips or tricks to share with our readers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Clip It Up! by Simply Renee Upper Tier Extension Kit

Reported By: Morgan Novak
I fell in love with the Clip it Up! by Simply Renee back when it first came out and quickly bought the Base Unit and Upper Tier and loaded them up. Over the next few months I realized that, although I’ve seen people store all manner of cool things on the shorter Upper Tier, it didn’t really work for my own personal storage needs
because what I wanted stored on the Clip It Up! most was my Thickers and other large title alphabets. I ended up buying a second Base Unit and that was working out pretty well for me, other than the large footprint two Clip It Up’s have.
Then, lo and behold, I found this little beauty on the internet!

I was thrilled! Because I had kept my discarded Upper Tier in the back of my craft room closet I would be able to bring it back out and extend it to the same height as the Base Unit!
Needless to say, as soon as the package arrived I ripped right into it and got ready to re-assemble my Clip It Up! When you open the box you will find; a 6″ extension pole for your Upper Tier and a replacement pole for the bottom of your Base Unit. This replacement pole has a wider base so your Clip It up! can support the extra height without wobbling.
I couldn’t believe that there were just 2 pieces, and therefore just 2 easy steps necessary to customize your Clip It Up! The instructions are on the side of the box.

It only took me about 5 minutes to re-assemble the new version and in the end, both my upper and lower tiers were the same height, enabling me to have two levels of Thickers and alphabets (yes, I am aware that I have a Thickers problem). Here is what my desk space looked like before and after I used the Upper Tier Extension Kit, along with one of my old Upper Tiers.

  • Allows you to store two Base Units worth of supplies in the space taken up by only one Base Unit.
  • Assembly was super quick & easy.
  • Enables you to easily store more of your longer craft supplies.
  • Can be used to store just about any type of craft supplies.


  • Even with the new broad base pole the unit is still a little shaky, but nothing unmanageable.
  • The Extension Kit ($20), along with the Base Unit ($65) & Upper Tier ($38), are a little pricey but easy to find on sale.
The Clip It Up! Extension Kit from Simply Renee for Simple Solutions is available for purchase directly from their website for $20.

I totally love how much space this simple little Extension Kit has opened up for me (about 2 feet) and how drool-worthy my alphabets look in two layers! yum! It’s clear that I personally have a Thickers addiction, but what would you use the extra height to store?

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