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Ikea for Craft Storage

Reported by Lexi Daly

For an additional perspective on using Ikea for craft storage see our more current article on our sister publication Scrapbook Update.

I recently moved homes and into a new craft studio with lots of space to fill and no built in storage or closets. While researching my options for new furniture to fit my new needs, Ikea Workspaces came to mind and I soon discovered that a limited offering is available to order online for those of us who are not lucky to have one nearby. I ordered several pieces, but there are two that really stand out now that I have them in my new room–the Helmer and the Alex. Both of these would be perfect in any craft room. And since my life has been more about unpacking and organizing than stamping lately, I wanted to tell you all about them in case you need organizing ideas, too.

The Helmer, a small metal drawer unit on casters, retails for $39.99. I saw it in so many rooms for so many purposes all over the Ikea website, it was impossible not to notice it! And I was even more impressed when I got my hands on it in person. It is not very big, at 11″w x 16 3/4″d x 27 1/8″h and you can roll it around, so it’s easy to place or bring to you as needed. You can also put several together for a bigger impact and lots of drawers, picking just the right number of units to fill the space you have. Although the size is great, the drawers are what make it perfect. The Helmer has six drawers, each measuring 15” x 9.25″ x 3.5″, with a slot for labeling on the outside; perfect for all the little parts and pieces we collect. The drawers can also be pulled out all the way if needed for a project or simply to rearrange them. I chose to buy several units and put them together to form sort of a credenza.

The Alex is just as useful and maybe a little more impressive. I chose to list it second because it is bulkier, created mainly of particleboard, and measuring in at 26 3/8″w x 18 7/8″d x 26″h. Bigger and bulkier also means higher in price, at $119.00, but even so I wish I had room for one more! Like the Helmer, the Alex is shown in a variety of different rooms online and was hard not to notice. And also like the Helmer, I was even more impressed with it in person. This unit is very sturdy and the drawers are long and shallow–actually the top three are quite shallow and the bottom three, slightly deeper. These drawers are on metal rollers, so they don’t come out all the way, but they hold heavy items like my punches and stamps quite well. The size of the drawers would also be perfect for larger pieces of artwork.

One thing I had heard about Ikea is that you have to put it all together yourself and that it’s not always easy. As I mentioned earlier these are only two of the many pieces I purchased. All in all, I put together 12 total items, some like the Helmer more than once. While some pieces were easier than others, I didn’t find any of them to be particularly difficult. The Helmer was probably one of the easiest, so I was happy to put that one together several times! Because it was metal, most of it was clicking this here, pushing that tab there–the only screws used were for the wheels and bottom of the unit. The Alex was a little more difficult and I needed a little extra strength from my husband for some screws, but all of the holes are pre-drilled and the picture directions were easy to follow. On both units, you repeat the same thing for each drawer, so that gets easier as you go along. I was actually wowed just as much by the construction and assembly design as I was with the functionality and appearance!

I also want to point out that while a limited Ikea selection is available online, shipping can be very high depending on where you are. It really is best to go directly to the store if you can. But if you don’t have an Ikea nearby, you might want to be sure you’re ordering a lot to get your best shipping value or maybe order with a friend if you can.

So, here’s the break down…


  • nice looking furniture
  • perfect storage spaces for crafty pieces and parts
  • casters for easy placement
  • great price


  • you have to assemble yourself
  • if you don’t have a store nearby, shipping could be high

There are so many storage options out there and I love seeing what other people have and love. I hope this has helped some of you looking for something new for your space. And since I’m still putting my room together, I’d love to hear what storage solutions you can’t live without, Ikea or otherwise!