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Event: Glitterfest Fall 2011

Reported by Maria Del Pinto

 If you embrace the creativity of the holidays, enjoy unique handmade items, German glass glitter, love vintage collectibles, or just want to enjoy in a bit of whimsy and fun, then you need to know about the “Glitterfest” show which is created by Sheryl Simpson and Dianne White.  
The Glitterfest fall show was held on October 15, 2011, at the Elks Lodge in Santa Ana, California.  My friends and I arrived early to be able to catch all the fun and excitement of the event.  Upon arrival, we followed the signs and joined the line of excited attendees who were kind enough to share their excitement for the event with us.
They told me a little about the various artists that they were going to see.  Since it is easier to understand the whimsical nature of this event through photos, I got permission to take some pictures at the event to share with our readers. Below is a peek at some of the wonderful work these artists donated for the show raffle.

I stopped by Denise Hahn’s (In My Blue Room) booth.  She sells some great vintage supplies and fun crafting kits, along with her finished pieces through her etsy site shop.  I bought a fun skeleton kit and a jewelry making kit (that came in a jar). 

I love the “Day of Dead” festival celebrations throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County area and was pleasantly surprised to find some very cool “Day of Dead” inspired work.  One artist who had a fun display was Dennis Haynes from Runnamuck Studio.  He also sells on etsy but there is nothing better than getting to see his creations in person.
Another fun artist, is Lori Gutierrez who make an eclectic collection of that spans from home decor to wearable art.  She even had some of her cool crowns on display that were similar to the one she did for the Somerset Home article she wrote. 
Then there was the work of Colleen Moody.  I just fell in love with the cute snow angel diorama below. Unfortunately, someone else bought it before I could.  Her pieces are so whimsical, cute and each one has its own unique story.  Her vintage jewelry pieces are also lovely.
It got pretty crowded at this show, so I had to wait a bit to finally see the fun characters created by Jenny Hernandez (The Polka Dot Pixie) in person.  I had heard about her work from some of the ladies in line and just had to get a peek.  
After talking to Jenny, I found out that she also teaches sculpting classes at different locations throughout the year.  You can also so see more pictures of her whimsical characters on the Polka Dot Pixie flicker site.

The show also had an outside area with some amazing booths that included the “Blossom Vintage Chic” booth, where I got to meet Debbie Watts.  
I had a fun time talking to her and seeing her great selection of vintage and antique merchandise. I also spent some time talking to Linda Fitt and Sandi Woods of Eurotrash.Co.  They had some fun mini kits for jewelry making and for tabletop decor, as well as a great selection of vintage inspired jewelry.
I was excited to find out that Michele Legler (Mosaic Cottage)  had a table at this show.  I love her mosaic work.
  She makes some very cool mosaic furniture pieces, home decor items, mosaic cakes, and mosaic cupcake pieces that are so darling.
Another fun booth was “Beyond the Poison Apple” with fun selection of holiday merchandise made by Rose Polanco.
 I especially enjoyed her cute Halloween inspired tree ornaments and potion bottles.
Of course it would not be glitterfest if there was not at least one vendor actually selling an amazing selection of German glitter.  The Meyer Imports German Glass Glitter Staff was so very helpful in 
explaining the difference between the glass glitters and some of the cool fun things I could do with them.
They have a blog where they post ideas, links, and more on glitter related topics. I purchased some cool silver glitter, that tarnishes over time, to use on my crafty projects. (Check out the Craft Critique reviews of Meyer Imports glitter and supplies).

Additionally, each person who attended could enter their names in a drawing to win one of the many lovely prizes shown below (this is only a sample of the prizes).
All in all, this was a fun show to attend.  I ran into so many people that I know, including Jeanine Stein, (author of “Re-bound” which features some of her book binding techniques), Jenny Doh, Beth Livesay (from “Stampington“) and many others. This was a fun and exciting atmosphere.  The producers of this show did a wonderful job in decorating and maintaining a whimsical atmosphere that just made shopping fun.  The people who attended the show were very happy with their purchases as you can see in the picture below.


  • Fantastic variety of artists and crafters.
  • The show offered a unique variety of merchandise to appeal to a wide group of individuals. There was plenty of “eye candy” to be enjoyed.
  • If you have read some of my previous articles, then you know that parking in the Los Angeles and Orange County area is at a premium, and cost for parking in that area can be high.  The producers of this show went the extra mile to offer attendees two parking choices.  One was to park at the Whimzy store (in Tustin, CA) and ride the special tram to the show, or to park at the show site.  The parking was free and plentiful.


  • Other than the fact that there was a fabulous selection of merchandise and I had a hard time of deciding what I wanted to buy, there really were no cons to attending this show.



Event Review: One Of A Kind Show Chicago

Reported by: Simone Collins

One of the best parts of living in the Windy City is the fact that not only do we have a large variety of galleries and museums to visit and take in some great art, but we also have some of the best craft shows and fairs around. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the One Of A Kind Show in Chicago.

The One Of A Kind Show offers consumers in Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago and New York a chance to purchase unique gifts during the holiday season. Featuring everything from jewelry, to ceramics, to sculpture, there is something for everyone on your shopping list. This year’s show in Chicago showcased over 600 artists from across North America.

This year, Etsy was a sponsor of the show. The site had a prominent booth that highlighted sellers who were at the show in a special Etsy Artist Pavilion. By making a purchase in the pavilion, shoppers received a free raffle ticket to win an Etsy shopping spree. They also had hands-on craft workshops that attendees could participate in throughout the four days of the show.

Within the Etsy Artist Pavilion area, there were several brand new artists to the show, as well as some of the best booths of the show. One of those booths was filled with some amazing glass art by Kit Paulson, an artist from our very own city. Her hip flasks, bottles, and votives would be a striking addition to any home.

We also met a very cute husband-wife team from the Etsy shop, Man vs. George from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This graphic design firm sells fun and modern greeting cards and invitations that are designed by the husband, Ryan Fitzpatrick, with his cat, George, as his armchair critic.

One of the cutest booths in the Etsy Artist Pavilion featured the work by Bunny With A Toolbelt from Portland, Oregon. These figures, created from upcycled wood and mixed media, were total attention grabbers with their unique sense of humor.

The sister-sister team of Muggy Tuesday, had some of the most interesting accessories at the show.  Their crocheted earrings, rings, and headbands would make the perfect gift for your best friend, sister, mom, or even your son’s first grade teacher.

Amanda Shell, designer of the Whirley Girl Etsy shop, grabbed our attention with her upbeat and friendly attitude. Of course, the fact that her work was amazing didn’t hurt either. This Chicago gal creates handpainted mirrors and other decor for your little one’s room.

One of the coolest things about this show is realizing just how many of these artist actually reside in my hometown. Karla Wheeler is another one of those artists. These metal days of the week bracelets would make the perfect accessory on, well, any day of the week.

You know you are a crafty geek when you see a QR code and get excited. Saul Mandel, designer of Bare Tree Designs, explained how this was the new trend in craft—and we couldn’t agree more. By snapping a picture this special little code, your smartphone can instantly take you the artist’s webpage or Etsy shop, and then you can favorite it or save it to your favorite web clipping program. Not only was he full of helpful techie information, but his screen printed items, like t-shirts and scarves, were gorgeous.

One of our favorite local sellers is Jen Hopwood of My Perennial. Her felt designs always wow us, and it doesn’t hurt that they also wowed Martha Stewart herself. Her snappy t-shirts let your kids change the look of their boring tees by simply snapping in a new felt cutie each day of the week. She also sells pillows, stockings, and felt bags that would make great gifts this holiday season.

Another local crafter that always draws a crowd is Emmy Star Brown. Her painted glass works are created using found objects around the city, and are always done freehand.

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.orgIf you are still working on that holiday shopping list, there is still time to take the Handmade Pledge. We encourage you to support the crafters and artists of this world and buy handmade. With so many choices available online and at local events, buying handmade has become easier than ever. And with the most unique items to choose from, you can be sure to find something for the hardest person on your list.

Take the Handmade Pledge today!

Are you shopping handmade this holiday season? Been to a great craft show or fair in your neck of the woods? We’d love to hear about it.

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Urban Craft Uprising – Seattle’s Largest Indie Craft Show

If you were in Seattle during the summer, where would you find over one hundred professional crafters and artisans in one place with booths galore? Urban Craft Uprising: Summer #2, of course. I was fortunate enough to be in the area, with a family willing to take some time to walk through the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall where vendors were showing off their fabulous wares, from journals with repurposed book covers (vintage ones, too) to original prints and artwork. The show itself had free admission which really made it enticing for tourists and visitors in the area.

From the Urban Craft Uprising founders:

“At Urban Craft Uprising’s shows, fans can choose from a wide variety of hand-crafted goods including clothing of all types, jewelry, gifts, bags, wallets, buttons, accessories, aprons, children’s goods, toys, housewares, paper goods, candles, journals, art, food & much, much more. Each Urban Craft Uprising show is carefully curated and juried to ensure the best mix of crafts and arts along with originality and uniqueness.”

The event itself debuted in 2004, and now touts that the show is the largest indie craft show in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

Artist and Illustrator Matthew Porter

Fun totes from Boodlebags

Special mentions to Ricicli: 100% recycled children’s apparel, jill bliss: handmade paper crafts, and .Shelly.Etc., who had the most unique photography printed on metal.

Along with myriad booths, free hourly demos were given on both days of the show. You could check out DIY Handmade Buttons, learn embroidery basics, and even make fake cupcakes. Moxie, one of the event creators, is here showing needle felting.

While the two ladies in the background might have been falling asleep, Moxie was pretty entertaining and full of tips and techniques.

You can find more pictures here and at the Urban Craft Uprising Flickr site.

Were you at this show? What did you think of it? What other craft shows did you attend over the summer? Give us a shout out and share your thoughts!

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