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Colorful Plastic Storage with Duck Tape!

My craft room is in a process of change right now, to accommodate some old interests I’ve been spending more time on lately (like sewing) and some new ones (like knitting and jewelry).

I had an open space under the window that could take a new storage unit. I needed storage space for fabric and yarn. I found a unit the perfect size and configuration for my needs at my local Walmart – a 5 drawer Sterilite drawer unit.


The two flat drawers on top are perfect for my thread and beading supplies, while the bottom larger drawers would be perfect for items like fabric and yarn. Continue Reading →

CHA Craft Storage: Simply Renee

Seriously? How could you not drool over the prospect of this crafty storage? The new All-In-One Clip It Up system from Simply Renee looks totally to die for! The All-In-One Base has two 78″ tall poles on a 26″ wide base for a whole score of storage.

The pole is composed of 1″ pieces so you can easily set it up with the combination of elements that work best for you like the All-In-One Single Ribbon or Double Ribbon holders that work really well for ribbon rolls or rolls of fabric.

There are also amazing Clip It Up Trays that easily spin without wobble and have helpful little dividers so that things don’t tip over in the tray.

The spinning arm from the floor model also works on the All-In-One Base for your classic Clip It Up needs, whether that’s stamps, paper, embellishments, fabric, sewing patterns or pretty much anything else you can pinch with a clip.

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Making Memories Desktop Carousel

Making Memories Desktop CarouselI’m not sure about you, but one of the most difficult challenges I face as a paper crafter is staying organized. Having a lot of tools and supplies seems to be inherent to the craft, and finding solutions to storing and organizing those supplies for efficient use can be a frustrating task. I am constantly looking for products that are affordable, durable, and that fit my needs. One great product that I’ve recently splurged on is the Making Memories Storage Carousel.

The Making Memories Desktop Carousel is not a new product. It’s been on the market for about a year and a half. This Desktop Carousel is a craft storage organizer that sits on your work-surface. Like a carousel, it spins around for easy access to all six sides of this organizer. Underneath the main storage compartments, there are little drawers to help organize smaller items.

When I first saw photos of the storage carousel on-line, I thought it looked like a cool product, but I already had so many items on my desk that one more just wasn’t practical. I’ve been doing some major purging and sorting and organizing to make my work space more functional. There is nothing worse than being inspired and then not being able to find that specific tool or embellishment to finish off your project. Wandering through Michael’s with a 50% off coupon a few weeks ago and coming across one of these organizers provided an opportunity I just had to take advantage of.

The first thing I noticed about this Making Memories storage was how sturdy it was, and how well the carousel turned. All turntable style objects are not equal; I’ve come across too many that did not live up to their expectations. I was thrilled with the quality construction of this unit. The classic white finish and the cool look of this storage is a great selling feature as well. If it’s going to sit on the desktop, it might as well look cool! So I had it on my desk and it was looking good so I started filling it up. Six pairs of scissors, a scoring tool, permanent journaling pens, a paper piercer, ruler, some pencils, a few markers, a few more markers, 3 kinds of adhesive, adhesive remover and more and it still wasn’t full. I was pretty excited as I was cleaning up my desk and taking things out of that crammed drawer that I couldn’t find anything in. Some more markers still that I always forget to use and then I started filling the drawers with buttons, pins and all manner of great goodies. Hey! Is that a magnet I see? Each drawer has a magnet on the back of it to keep it in place. I was amazed and I was in love with my new storage solution.


  • six drawers, 10 compartments
  • white classic finish
  • constructed with sturdy MDF
  • turntable style base
  • 8″ tall by 14.2″ wide
  • drawers have magnetic feature to keep them in place while spinning
  • 6 metal label holders for easy product identification


  • White classic finish with great lines and style make this an attractive storage solution
  • Extremely well-made and designed
  • Easy access and viewing of my most used tools… no more hunting through that drawer
  • Holds a lot of tool and supplies


  • takes up desk space
  • finish may scratch under lots of use
  • non-portable storage… this is best to stay in one place

You can find the Making Memories Desktop Carousel at Making Memories and  This storage option retails for $39.99 US or approximately $55.00 CDN. You can find it cheaper at many on-line stores, or use a coupon at Michael’s or other craft stores to make it easier on the pocketbook. In Canada, you’ll have the best luck finding it in-store at Michael’s. No matter what the price, I think this storage carousel is a great product and investment in keeping your desk organized. I’d rate it a 9.5 out of 10 for usefulness, construction and I just plain like looking at it on my desk. And of course, if worst comes to worst and inspiration fails to strike, I can always have fun twirling my goodies around and around. (wink)

So… how’s it working weeks later? I love it. I’m hooked. I actually put most of my tools away. AND… if I had a little more desk space, I think I’d buy another. How’s that for a ringing endorsement? So what about you? Do you have a Making Memories Desktop Carousel or other Making Memories storage products? We’d love to hear from you. Tell us what you think. After all, at Craft Critique…we not only like to give our opinion…we’d like to hear yours as well!