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Vendor Spotlight: Martha Stewart Double Edge Punch

Reported by Morgan Novak
When I first saw the Double Edge Punches from Martha Stewart I wasn’t so sure about them. I’m a pretty big card maker and love edge punches for the ease with which they add fun shapes to an otherwise angular card, and since these double edged punches cut the strip completely off your paper, I didn’t think that I was really interested. But, leave it to Martha to win me over and get me totally hooked on a whole new range of punches!

Just like the Martha Stewart Edge Punches, the Double Edge Punch has arms that fold down when you are punching, but fold back up for easy storage when you are done. They also work exactly like the Edge Punches, with a guide that shows you where to place your partially punched paper for an easy continuous line.

I really love this particular pattern, “Bangle Chain Trim” and couldn’t wait to start playing around with it. I made my first double edged strip out of Bazzill Swiss Dot Cardstock and the punch worked really well through this regular weight cardstock with next to no wonky edges.

I decided to make a quick little “belly band” for a mini apple pie with some easy layering and a little stamped image that I colored in and then foam taped onto the band after I wrapped it around the box. Be sure to cut the band about half an inch longer than needed so that you can easily hide your adhesive under the overlap when you wrap it around your box, bag, treat or gift!

One of the first things that sprung to mind when I started brainstorming what could be done with the strips punched by the Double Edge Punch was making a good old fashioned paper chain like the ones we used to make in pre-k, but amped up a little bit. I chose some tone on tone patterns from my stash of heavier double-sided patterned papers and got to punching.
The punch did have some trouble punching through these heavier papers, and on a couple of occasions I found myself having to trim off some shredded edges. The handle also got stuck locked down a couple of times, but as I was punching I realized that this was probably happening when I didn’t sweep the excess paper and little bits out from under the punch every couple of punches. It also helps to blow the tiny paper bits out of the punch every now and again, kind of like blowing the dust out of an old Nintendo game cartridge.

I hung my crafty little paper chain in our dining room and I really like the look of the intricate punched pattern way more than just a solid strip of paper. This could be a great decoration idea for all sorts of parties and special occasions.

While I was punching all the strips for my paper chain I got the idea to cut the strip in half and then stagger and layer the halves to create my own pattern. I used strips of paper that were about an inch longer than I wanted the final pattern to be so that I had the freedom to stagger them to create the pattern, and then trim off the excess. I cut my strips in half after they were already punched so that I could see exactly where I was cutting them in half.

I cut a strip each from 3 different colors of tone on tone pattern and cut them in half for a total of 6 half strips. It was really easy to line this particular pattern up, and then adhere it to the page before I trimmed off the excess edges. I would suggest using a clear dot adhesive for the most even adhesive application on the back of these intricate strips.

I only used 6 half strips to make a little patterned area, but imagine how a whole background would look, or a patterned section on a card, or a half strip lining the edges of a cupcake stand!
Despite some hiccups with heavier weight papers, I can really see myself embracing this new line of Martha Stewart punches. I had a lot of fun creating with the “Bangle Chain Trim” Punch, There are lots of possibilities with this punch alone, never mind all the other designs in the Double Edge Punch line!
  • Sides of the punch fold up for easy storage.
  • Versatile Designs that can be used with many different styles of project.
  • Really minimal amount of paper waste left after you punch, only about 3/8″ with this particular punch.
  • Punch sometimes gets stuck closed when working with thicker papers, if not cleaned out often enough.
  • Some issues with shredding the edges of the punched design when working with thicker papers.

Are you already punching away with these new Double Edge Punches? What have you been making with them? And if you don’t already own them, what projects can you see yourself using them for in the future?
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Vendor Spotlight: Martha Stewart Double Edge Punch

Reported by Taylor Usry

I received a Martha Stewart Double Edge Punch (along with some wonderful paper) from Martha Stewart Crafts recently, and jumped at the chance to test this new product out. The punch I’m sharing with you today is called the Bangle Chain Deep Double Edge punch; there are several other styles available in stores and online.

I started by comparing the overall size of the double edge punch to several of the other Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page edge punches I currently own. Wow – this new double edge punch is much bigger! You can see above how much taller it is.

Here are the punches viewed from the front. The beefier one on the left is the Double Edge Punch.

Looking down at the punches it is easy to see the difference in length as well. For this shot I unfolded the sides of both punches. The Double Edge Punch also has a heavier weight than a regular edge punch, and a larger handle.

The Double Edge Punch is very simple to use. When viewed from underneath, you should see the wrong side of your paper – so you put the paper in the punch right side up (the side you want to see on your project).

It take a bit more force to squeeze this punch, but that is attributable to its considerable heft. I often hold my regular punches upside down to punch them, and that made this one a bit harder for me to squeeze (Note: I have nerve damage in one arm, which is why I do it this way. They are designed to just press down on). It still punches through card stocks and patterned papers just as well as the regular Martha Stewart edge punches. To line up the design and punch correctly, you want to make sure to place the punched-out image directly above the guidelines. In the picture above, you can see some of the cream-colored punch base. That is the incorrect placement for your paper.

Always line up your punched paper as shown above, precisely over top of the cream-colored outline. This will ensure a perfect punch!

The finished piece is about an inch and a half thick, as you can see when it’s placed on my Martha Stewart Scoring Board. Isn’t that wood grain paper gorgeous? It’s from the In Nature collection, and I was lucky enough to receive it in my goodie box from the kind folks at Martha Stewart Crafts!

Here’s another close up shot of the intricate design of this punch. You can see how cleanly the punch operates. There are no jagged or frayed edges, and every segment lines up really well, thanks to those guides on either side of the punch.

I made a few quick projects using this punch. The first were little paper cone treat holders for party favor treats (my son’s first birthday party was this weekend, and this seemed like a great idea for kids of different ages!). Doesn’t this Double Edge Punch make a gorgeous handle? And I love the yellow paper (also from the In Nature collection).

I also made a simple, botanical-themed card. I used the punched piece in lieu of ribbon, and set it with jumbo eyelets to create a raised ripple effect.

On the edge I placed a little butterfly, created using a Martha Stewart Stamp and Punch set. I love that Martha’s products work well together.

I am absolutely enamored with this Deep Double Edge Punch from Martha Stewart Crafts! It punches a variety of card stocks and patterned papers quickly and cleanly, and the possibilities are endless with it. I’ll be able to easily make borders for scrapbook pages, cards, altered and 3D items….my head is positively swimming with ideas!


  • able to create quick borders and accents
  • easy to use guides make proper punching a breeze
  • available in a variety of designs
  • larger size doesn’t fit in the same drawer as my other punches (I’m being nitpicky, I know!)
  • due to the heavier weight of this, it may be a bit harder to squeeze the handle together
  • I’d like to see this offered in matching patterns to existing edge punches, so people (ok, ME!) can create sets of coordinating items
The Deep Double Edge Punch is available online and in retail stores, and will jump right into your shopping cart with a budget-friendly MSRP of $17.99. 
Do you have one of these punches, or have you tried one before? Tell me all about it! What amazing projects have you made with it?

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