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Art Journaling with Dylusions Paint & Sprays!

I’ve recently taken up art journaling as another way to play with color and paper, and my favorite stamps and stencils. It’s been a nice change of pace from working with photos on layouts and pocket scrapbooking! (To see my first layout or a licensed counselor’s explanation of the therapeutic effects of art journaling , visit Scrapbook Update.)

Art Journal full layout

This set of journal pages was created over several days during the week of my 44th birthday last month. They were my first pages working in my new Dylusions journal. My first experimental set of pages was done in a spiral bound journal from another company, but since I’m using so many Ranger products I wanted to use their chosen paper products as well.

Art Journal left

I used a combination of Dylusions sprays and inks on these pages. The blue and turquoise background was done with sprays, and if you look closely there is some white (Linen) mixed in as well. Some of the stencils were done with a spritz of water.

This was my first attempt at using the new Dylusions paints. I applied them with the new round Ranger foam applicators, and was very happy with both the ease of use and the results that I achieved. They were simple to use and the results were beautiful. A little of the Dylusions paint goes a long way for an application like this, even though these paints are quite thin. The consistency makes it easy to load the applicator lightly and rub the paint into a stencil or other item without flooding the paper or making the stencil overflow.

Art Journal right

I used some stickers and rub-ons as additional layers on the right hand page.

Art Journal close up 1

This silver heart was made with Ranger’s foil tape. The tape was die cut and embossed, before having some black Dylusions paint rubbed into the texture of it to grunge it a bit and knock down the shine.

Art Journal 44 close-up

The only pink thing on the two pages is the number 44. That makes is stand out, as it is the focus of my thoughts on this layout.

Art Journal layout subtitle

While most of my journaling was done with white gel pen, I liked for some reason adding the quote stickers as a third person voice on the page. It was kind of like my page was speaking back to me.