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Wet Looks Embossing Markers by Marvy Uchida

Reported by Jessica Ripley

I’m not a huge stamper. Part of that has to do with my fear of what a stamp collection might do to my already cramped crafting space, but mostly I’ve just never really gotten into it. Therefore I don’t really own a lot of inks either. I do however own embossing powder and a heat gun, but have been limited to the few special stamps and ink colors I do keep on hand when I decide to use them on a project. So, when I spotted these Embossing Markers by Marvy Uchida on the shelf of my local craft store, I snatched them right up! Eight very pretty colors that I was hopeful would be a solution to both my desire for more colors of “ink” to emboss with but also wouldn’t take up a large amount of storage space.

I really enjoyed working with them!

These markers are great for embossing in that the ink stays wet a little longer than normal, which of course gives time to sprinkle on the embossing powder (clear or metallic works best per the packaging) and create a colorful raised design.

It may be silly to some, but one of the things I loved immediately about this product was actually the packaging. The markers come with a plastic tray which is perfect for storage. It’s like they read my mind.

It’s the little extra touches sometimes that really count.

The set I picked up was the “Pastel Set”, which had a pastel yellow, blue, and pink, but also bolder and brighter versions of those colors as well. These sets also come in a “Primary” and “Victorian” color palette. A good range of choices.

(Color examples from

I found that the markers did indeed stay wet enough to hold embossing powder very well.

And that once heated the colors came through just as vibrant as when they were applied.

As I mentioned above, since I don’t own a lot of inks, I rarely am able to add such colorful embossed detail to a stamp, however these markers made it a breeze.

Their tip is fine enough to add some detail, however isn’t too fine (so you get enough ink flow). I’d compare it pretty equally to a standard Sharpie marker.

I did find that they don’t necessarily blend very well however. Using them directly on a rubber stamp resulted in a slightly streaky image as shown below when compared to chalk ink.

Still, when coloring an image already stamped on paper, I really just loved how easy it was to add colorful detail.

In the image below you can see a bit better the embossing effect. The packaging suggests the markers work best on glossy or coated papers, however I found they worked on non-coated papers just fine.

These are such a fun way to add your own special touch to an embellishment also. Though hard to see in the photo below, the embossing effect really makes a colored image pop.

I’m always on the look out for products that let me customize papers to make them my own, and these will do just that!

All in all I would definitely recommend these Embossing Markers by Marvy Uchida. Though they are a bit pricey at around $19.00 MSRP, for me it is hard to pass up something that I could reach for again and again, and I know I’ll be using these markers to add a little something unique to many projects to come.


  • When it comes to embossing, combines the ability of an ink pad with the convenience of a marker.
  • Emboss your own designs drawn free-hand, or even your handwriting.
  • Colors stay vibrant and shine through.
  • Have to mention the handy packaging, I love it!


  • Can get a bit streaky, the markers cover smaller areas the best.
  • The tips are fine enough for some detail, but are a bit broad for really intricate designs.
  • Works best on glossy or coated paper which you may not have on hand (though honestly I thought they worked fine on regular paper).
  • Little pricey (look for a sale!).

Have you used these markers or another brand that provides the ability to emboss just as easily? I’m new to this stamping and embossing so would love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

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