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CHA Needle Arts: DMC

The DMC booth always has cool, fun displays with tons of color. Here are the new offerings:

Here’s a cool idea, especially for those of you with a long train commute: a tube that holds your stitching project, tools & all, so you can throw it in your bag & go:

Cute new baby bib kits:

and look at these little stuffed buddies with stitchable bellies:

Also new is the Prism line of threads & floss:

You may have seen it in stores already, but not known it was DMC; it’s geared toward the youth market, with a lower price point, hot trendy colors, and interesting twists and blends. This ain’t your grandma’s embroidery floss!

See anything that leaves you itching to stitch? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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CHA Embroidery Products

DMC is the leading manufacturer of embroidery floss and other needlework threads. Wait until you see this cool stitching product! Color Infusions Memory Thread is a soft fiber wrapped wire that can be shaped into designs and then tacked down with couching stitches. On this card, several threads are twisted and glued down for extra dimension:

You can also use this cool thread for dimensional elements on your stitching projects. Imagine the beautiful script letters you can stitch! Color Infusions Memory Thread by DMC now comes in 18 vibrant shades.

Colonial Patterns, manufacturers of the popular Aunt Martha’s traditional style iron-on transfers, have a new line of pattern packs called Stitcher’s Revolution. These have a more modern style for a new generation of stitchers.

But check it out! These transfer packs are in color! Of course, you don’t have to follow their color choices, but sometimes I don’t like to make decisions about color before stitching, so this is a cool new way to do these iron-ons:

Iron-on transfers aren’t just for stitching. Colonial Patterns also has Ballpoint Embroidery Paint for those crafters who prefer painting over needles and thread:

They told us their Java designs are probably the most popular transfer pack they sell:

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DMC Glow-in-the-Dark Embroidery Floss

Reported by Susie Ziegler


This is another installment in my investigations of specialty embroidery flosses by DMC. Last spring I tried DMC Linen Embroidery Floss which I liked quite a bit. I was decidedly less enthusiastic about shiny and slick DMC Satin Embroidery floss. Up here where I live in the cold northern USA, these are the coldest and darkest days of the year, so I was inspired to test DMC Glow-in-the-Dark Embroidery Floss. This floss is part of the Light Effects specialty thread series which includes fluorescent shades and pearlescent colors. Although there are many thread colors to choose from in this line of flosses, Glow in the Dark only comes in this white:

This is a polyester thread, not a cotton like their traditional flosses. The first thing I noticed was that the cut ends loosened and frayed, and it was difficult to thread my favorite type of very small eyed needle. I had to dig around my sewing box to find a needle with a larger eye. You might not have this issue, as most people embroider with these needles already. As with all embroidery flosses, Glow-in-the-Dark Embroidery Floss separates into 6 strands. I stitched my little project with three strands. I did find the floss difficult to thread through the needle as the polyester fiber didn’t moisten as readily as cotton or linen floss.

Also, the threads really want to stay separated, although they weren’t nearly as wild and unruly as the satin floss I’ve used before.

This is a small tea towel project. Here at my house, we are bracing for another overnight snowstorm, so I thought a wee nighttime snowflake would be appropriate. Stitching on this went pretty smoothly, although I did find that the thread has a bit of a mind of it’s own. Since the threads want to separate from each other, I did have trouble with some knotting and slipping. Also, y’all, I make really perfect french knots. I don’t know what it is, but these sit up strangely and don’t look nearly as cute as I like.

Okay, but here is the real test. Does this stuff sufficiently glow in the dark? I was skeptical. But look! It really does! Even enough for me to get a fairly good photo in the pitch dark!


  • Polyester thread is sturdy
  • Glow-in-the-dark products and projects are fun
  • Thread has nice “body” and fullness
  • Really glows!


  • Threads separate
  • Not made from a natural fiber, so it has a synthetic feel
  • Only one color: white

I found DMC Glow-in-the-Dark Embroidery Floss at my local craft store in the embroidery section. Not all stores carry it. It is, of course, available at as well. It retails for about twice as much as other specialty flosses.

I can think of so many fun things to stitch with little glowing thread details! Are there any other specialty flosses I should test?