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Review | We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board

If you’re looking for an easy way to create envelopes in lots of sizes, you’ll want to try the We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board like I did recently.

I had heard a lot about it and was anxious to give it a try, so I was excited to receive it recently for review. I usually purchase envelopes to fit the few cards I make and so I tend to stick to the most common card sizes.

I did a little research online – the manufacturer’s Web site  and YouTube how-to videos before opening the package.

The Envelope Punch Board is pretty compact, which makes it easy to store or tote with you to a crop or card party. Directions on how to use it are basic and very easy to follow: punch, score, rotate and fold.

I really like that the directions are imprinted right onto the board itself so I don’t need to find any paperwork when I pull the board out to use it. The card sizes, paper sizes and score line information is imprinted directly on the board as well, which is really nice.


Everything you need to make an envelope (except the paper and glue, of course!) is on the Envelope Punch Board – right down to the score tool which tucks nicely into a slot on the side. Continue Reading →

Event Review: Stitch & Craft, UK

Reported by Fabrizio Martellucci

We don’t get many craft shows in London; most of them are either in Birmingham or other cities in the United Kingdom. But despite my agoraphobia I always make sure every year I visit Stitch & Craft at Olympia so I can see what the new trends are, and also to meet up with Dawn Bibby and her niece Amy Shaw who both presents at QVC UK.

British paper crafters have a tendency to be more cardmakers than scrapbookers, although the trend is changing and more are doing both. There are a few ‘Made in the UK’ companies who have crossed over to the USA; one of them is Crafter’s Companion (USAUK) who have on license the lovely designs ‘Cute Companions’ made by the even lovelier Jayne Nestorenko. They were present on the day, and had a good size booth at Stitch & Craft.

I have to admit I was a total groupie and asked her to take a picture with me.

For those of you who don’t know Crafter’s Companion they produce a full range of tools to score and create cards as well as envelopes, CD (unfortunately not available for the American market due to paper size issues) and rubber stamps. They are well known for the Enveloper Pro (USAUK) and the Ultimate Crafter’s Companion (USAUK) as well as the Top Score Multiboard (USAUK).

Another really cool company I came across was MJM – The Art Tart run by the bubbly Michelle and her husband.

She had these templates you could use to create these stunning projects such as the Bird House and Pirate Ship. I was well impressed by her craft skills and took a few pictures around the booth. You can only admire her stunning layouts she created for the craft fair.

I spent the afternoon going round the various booths, as you can see it’s on two floors. The lower floor has everything for stitching and embroidery. I’ve started to crochet so I could use dimensional flowers on my card making, so I was in awe with all the choice of wools and various tools for that kind of crafting.

We spend the afternoon following a demonstration after we greeted Dawn and Amy as well as Julian Ballantyne (another QVC presenter). He always jokes when he’s on air that he’s better crafter than Dawn and claim to have a Craftology ‘degree’ so we created one for him and gave him it on the day. He was over the moon with it! LOL! The demo went well and we followed various techniques being demonstrated, our goodie bag contained Kanban products (another British company) so we could make one quick card on the fly.

We stopped at another booth and saw The Frame Workshop & Molten Designs who are the main distributor in the UK for Friendly Plastic. I couldn’t help talking pictures of the stunning creations made using that product. I have to thank my dear friend Maria Given Nerius who has sent me Friendly Plastic goodies when I won a competition on her Pyjama Party Radio Show. I haven’t used them yet but after seeing those projects from Molten Designs I definitely will give it a go in the near future.

I finished my day talking to cancer survivor Valérie Mantz from Décopatch (a French company). I’m sure she must have thought bizarre that I was trying my best to speak in French to her (I was a bit rusty to be honest) but she was really welcoming and lovely. We chatted for at least 20 minutes as she explained to me her goals for Decopatch and where the company was going. They do have a USA presence and I really like their matte-finish glue.

Despite my refusal she wanted me to have a small sample of their newest papers; I didn’t want to cross a French lady and relented at the end! LOL! I already owned the brushes and two pots of glue which I use to create a slightly painted effect on background papers and to make some creations sturdier.

It’s a PVA glue with a slight varnish effect when dry used with their own papers who have a vellum like quality – the colours really stand out when dry. The paper being so flimsy can contour and adapt itself to any shapes. I was thinking chipboards but you can adapt the technique to anything you own.

I will review Decopatch in the near future so please watch this space.

I hope you enjoyed my day out and I hope I gave you an insight into what’s going on at Stitch & Craft in London!

Disclosure Statement for Crafter’s Companion (tools were bought by me)

Disclosure Statement for MJM – Art Tart

Disclosure statement for Friendly Plastic (material was won in a competition)

Disclosure statement for Decopatch

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JudiKins A2 Envelope Template

Reported by: Tracy Schultz

When you’re a cardmaker, one of the things you always need on hand are lots of envelopes. If you’re a frugal crafter, you might be tempted to make your own envelopes from a template. I’m here to tell you- don’t waste your money on the JudiKins A2 Envelope Template. (Sorry JudiKins!)

I bought the JudiKins A2 Envelope Template about a year ago thinking I would become a stamping all-star and make wonderful matching envelopes to coordinate with my cards. Little did I know how much work it would be to actually use this particular template!

First thing’s first- you have to buy some quality paper to make your envelopes with. Copy paper just isn’t going to cut it, unless you want to be able to see through your envies. And you know what- that paper isn’t cheap either! I used some linen resume paper I had in my stash which saved me a bit of moolah (hopefully I won’t be needing to send out any resumes soon).

The template is a nice heavy plastic, which I like. Lay the template over your paper, then using a pencil, trace around the outside of the template. Use your bone folder to score in the slots on the template. Then take your craft scissors and cut your template out along the pencil lines you just drew.

Having fun yet? Because you’re not done! After you cut the envelope out, you need to fold along all of the score lines. Then you can either apply glue or tape to the side flaps and fold the bottom flap up, sealing tightly. You’ll want to invest in some lick-able envelope glue to apply to the top flap if you plan on giving these as part of a gift set. You can use regular glue if you’re using them for yourself.

And (phew!) you’re FINALLY finished making that ONE envelope. If you’re half as coordinated as I am, the envelope will take almost as long to make as the card going inside of it.


  • Inexpensive
  • Available online and in large craft stores
  • Made of a nice, durable plastic


  • Takes too many steps to make the envelope
  • Can’t tear or fold along the edge of the template
  • Did I mention how LONG it takes to make one envelope?

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m not a fan of this particular template. I have the Kreate-a-Lope Envelope Template that Kim reported on back in December and think it’s so much easier to use than this one. Not only can you make envelopes of different sizes easily, but you can rip and fold the paper right along the edge of the template which saves so much time!

I’m only giving this template a 4 out of 10. It gets that high of a rating because it didn’t cost me a ton of money and if you don’t mind taking the extra time it’s not that bad to use. But otherwise I’d recommend saving your money!

The JudiKins A2 Envelope Template retails for $4.50 and is available at Mister Art and Blockheads Paper Arts, as well as JoAnn’s and your local big-box craft store.

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