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Cutterglide and Eztool cleaner Kit

Reported by Fabrizio Martellucci

Now picture this, you love your cutter but it doesn’t love you back, you keep changing the blades yet you always get those ragged edges, so you despair and wish you never bought it! Sounds familiar?I totally empathize with you as I had a rough time when my rotary cutter fell apart and I invested into a Fiskars sliding cutter (you know, the one with the arrow shaped blade). I nearly returned it as it was cutting ok but found it a bit ‘harsh’ on paper.

I remembered that I had Cutter Glide Tool Treatment which I used on punches and craft knives. I didn’t expect much as the arrow blade is so tiny but it worked. I got less drag, on papers as well as card-stock, cutting them cleanly.I bought my kit a while back but in checking the Inspired Crafts website I noticed that it comes with a new applicator (mine looked like nail varnish bottle with a brush applicator), I haven’t tested that new brush tip that comes in the new tube but I guess it would do the job as well as the old one.

The kit comes with an EZtool cleaner: a small bottle which removes adhesive and cleans your tool before you apply the Cutterglide. Please take extra care when cleaning cutting blades. Once they’re clean just apply the Cutterglide to the surface you want to ‘fix’. I applied unto my Fiskars cutter, guillotine, and craft knives; you can also use it on punches to make them work better. I had two punches that kinda stuck and it eased them to behave so no more banging them to release them.

I really don’t know how it works, but my wild guess is that the Cutterglide leaves an invisible film which reduces attrition when the blade meets the material being cut. It’s a simple product, but it does prolong the life of your blades, so it’s economical as you’ll found yourself not needing to buy blades after blades. I also noticed that when a blade seems blunt I just clean it with the Eztool Cleaner and then reapply the Cutterglide, and you’ll have some extra use from that blade but once it’s completely blunt then don’t expect miracles and you can kiss your blade goodbye. Still you probably would have had to bin it earlier on, had you not used Cutterglide.

I just want to point out that you don’t need to clean punches before applying Cutterglide as mentioned on the lovely leaflet enclosed with the kit. You do need to let it dry thoroughly before using it though. I usually leave it for at least a couple of hours. The leaflet suggests to use a heating gun or blow drying to speed up drying but I wouldn’t recommend that as the heat might melt plastic bits attached to the blade, so don’t do it!

Another good thing about this kit is that the Eztool Cleaner can tackle rubber stamps using a small amount with an old tooth brush it can really bring back the ‘showroom’ look on your old inked beyond hope rubber stamps. Especially useful if you’re selling them on an online auction site.


  • Does what it says on the label with no fuss
  • Prolongs blades life
  • Cleaner that comes with the kit can also clean rubber stamps


  • Drying time (it can be frustrating but unavoidable)
  • Can be fiddly to apply on hidden or hard to reach blades
  • I tested the ‘similar to a nail polish bottle’ applicator, I don’t know how the new squeezable tube with brush at the tip would work.

I hope in testing this product I gave you some hope in using your blades without any drags and raggedy edges on paper, let me know how you get on using it on your favourite cutting tools, please.

This product is made by Inspired Crafts.

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