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CHA Mega Show 2015 | Fabric Elements by Fabric Editions

Reported by Maria del Pinto

CHA Show Hot Product for 2015  | Fabric Editions Launches Fabric Elements with Mixed Media Artist, Rebekah Meier

At the CHA Mega Show 2015 Hot Products event, Fabric Editions launched Fabric Elements mixed media and fiber art kits with mixed media artist Rebekah Meier. (Fabric Elements was later announced as the winner of the Fabric & Needlecrafts category of the 2015 CHA Hot Products awards.)

Meier is well-known for her ability to create beautiful mixed media collages and fiber art pieces.

CHA Show Hot Product for 2015  | Fabric Editions Launches Fabric Elements with Mixed Media Artist, Rebekah Meier
Rebekah Meier

The new line features elements from Meier’s various Fabric Collage techniques. The product line includes embellishments, stencils, tags, printed tissue paper, and lace trim.

Fabric Editions Launches Fabric Elements with Mixed Media Artist, Rebekah Meier

There are also 12 different fat quarters to choose from.

Fabric Editions Launches Fabric Elements with Mixed Media Artist, Rebekah Meier

The Fabric Elements collection includes three kits that are very reasonably priced at $16.99 each.

Fabric Elements Kits by Rebekah Meiers

Meiers’ darling projects really show the potential of her new product line:

image courtesy of Fabric Editions.
Fabric Elements Kits by Rebekah Meiers (photo provided by fabric editions)
image courtesy of Fabric Editions.

Fans of Rebekah Meier’s techniques  and mixed media will be able to enjoy this product line and the various choices available to them at craft stores soon. Meier is also due to release a technique book that can be used with the various elements of the product line.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this new line, just leave us a comment below!

Fat Quarter Project | Earbud Pouch

Since digging out my sewing machine and finding my local quilt store, I’ve become a bit obsessed lately with pinning projects that can be made with “fat quarters” (for non-quilters, quarter yards of fabric that are cut in a rectangle so they are about 18″ x 22″ in size). These projects are a great way to justify collecting all those pretty fabrics! My “Fun with Fabric” board is growing rapidly!

The first fat quarter project that I decided to try is something that I desperately needed: a zip pouch for carrying my earbuds. This earbud pouch tutorial is from a website called Dog Under My Desk, and the project is beautifully illustrated with photos and well-written instructions. The tutorial also includes a printable pattern file. All of this made the project really easy to complete!

Headphone Case with Headphones

The pouch has a very sturdy design, with a lining and a zip closure, and a loop for attaching it to a keyring for portability.

Headphone Case Opened

There are no exposed seams in the design to wear or fray over time. To give the pouch some bulk and protect the ear buds, the case is lined with interfacing. I used Sew-In Warm Fleece by The Warm Company. It’s made in the USA of 100% polyester. Even though it is polyester, it feels like cotton in the hand, and has a body and density like felt. It cuts beautifully and it was easy to pin the pattern pieces to and cut precisely.

Warm Company Fleece

A few last thoughts about this project…it is wonderful to always know where my headphones are now because I know they are with my keys in the pouch. I never find myself out and about wanting them because if I have my keys, I have them as well. I did have a moment of rude awakening the other day when I was out shopping, though. It was pouring down rain – one of our typical Florida afternoon storms that happen almost daily this time of year – and I was running through the parking lot to my car through water that was two inches or more deep in places because it was raining so hard it overwhelmed the storm drains. As I glanced down at my keys in my hand, I had a moment of panic when I realized – if I drop my keys in this flood my headphones are dead! So I will have to be a bit more careful than I am used to with my keys now that my headphones are attached to them.

Supplies – Fabric (unknown fat quarters), The Warm Company Sew-In Warm Fleece, Coats Dual Duty XP Thread, Coats All Purpose Zipper (7″ Black).