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CHA Mega Show 2014 | A Peek at the Fiskars Booth

The 2014 CHA Show has come and gone and once again, it has proved to be an exciting event.

Fiskars was showing their most recently released scissors in the booth.  They are the Fiskars Thick & Heavy Amplify Shears.  They come in three sizes and are created to cut through a variety of heavy materials. The scissors are currently available on, and you can read our reviews of the 10″ size, 8″ size and the 6″ size (complete with video) here on Craft Critique!

Fiskars Amplify Mixed Media Shears

I was told they would cut through denim, leather, light metals, soda cans, cork, corrugated card board and other similar heavy materials.  They had a “Make & Take” that featured the scissors in creating a project.

Fiskars Punch

We started by cutting the heavy burlap into the correct size square.  Then I used one of their punches to cut out these cool floral shapes out of old book pages.

Preparing the materials cut with the Fiskars Die Cuts and Embossing Tools with alcohol inks.

Then I painted them with some fun mists and alcohol inks.  I still need to fluff the petals on the flower and add a few embellishments.

FIskars 2014 CHA Booth Make & Take Project

Overall I like the look of the project.  The scissors were so easy to use and did a great job of cutting the various elements they had available to test them on.


Review | Fiskars 8″ Amplify Mixed Media Scissors

Like their bigger sibling the 10″ Amplify Mixed Media Scissors that Deena looked at yesterday, the idea behind the new Fiskars 8″ Amplify Mixed Media scissors is that they are premium shears designed for cutting extra-thick mixed-media materials.


Fiskars’ brand name is synonymous with quality and these scissors live up to that and more.  Sculpted thumb and forefinger loops fit the shape and the natural movement of the hand and allow you to cut through many types of media without your hand tiring.  The patented technology, which causes the blades to sense separation,  and then transfer the energy to a torsion bar, which adjusts the blade and allows it to shift to its optimal cutting angle is quite ingenious.  All of this essentially means that you can pick up any kind of mixed media item that you can envision and use these incredible scissors to cut it into the shape required for your project.

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