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Vendor Spotlight: The World’s Smallest Post Service from Chronicle Books

Reported by Julie Tiu

Image from Chronicle Books

Let’s face it, the art of writing letters is somewhat lost these days with e-mail and video chatting… and well, it’s an art. But, this kit makes it super easy and adorable! A letter from you, from The World’s Smallest Post Service, is sure to please! This awesome little kit is so full of cuteness from the smart packaging to the teeny newspaper for wrapping up small gifts.

Here’s how it started:

World’s Smallest Post Service (WSPS) from Leafcutter Designs on Vimeo.
If this doesn’t whet your appetite for Lilliputian letters, I don’t know what will.

So, when you get your kit, you’ll find everything you need for your more-than-petite-sized projects including an instruction sheet. Yes, instructions. They’re not so much for writing content but tips for making the most of your tiny writing endeavors. The first helpful tidbit is “practice writing as small as you can…” (My daughter and I practiced a few lines.)

If you’re trying to figure out just how small these letters can be, try imagining an envelope the size of a penny. The pen that comes with the kit has a very small tip (.02). Handy, but I also had a little trouble with the ink sort of feathering out on the paper. It wasn’t really that bad, but just something to get used to with pen pressure.

The kids were fascinated with the magnifying glass and tiny stickers (postal stamps).

I also wrote a tiny note to the creator of this fun kit. I plan on sending it in a regular envelope.

If you’re looking to send a tiny package, this kit includes enough material to make four lovely little gifts. Look at this newspaper! Real stories, real features and even horoscopes.

It’s hard not to smile if you’re presented with a gift like this:

All the materials are of good quality. I mention this because the kraft paper is real kraft paper, not thin paper bag. It was actually tricky to wrap the box! (And I’m one for crisp lines and nice ends.)

It’s so cute, I can hardly stand it… if you’re into sending good thoughts, surprising your friends with lovely little trinkets, The World’s Smallest Post is for you.


  • Enough for 40 letters.
  • Well-thought supplies.
  • BONUS craft included. I don’t want to spoil it for you.


  • There are only enough supplies for four packages. Choose your recipients wisely.
  • Would be nice to have extra magnifying glasses to send in the packages.
  • A smaller nib pen would also be helpful.

The kit retails between $18 and $23 and is available at bookstores and online.


Do you have some special people in your life who would love a teensy treat in the mail? What would you use the packaging for? Tell us in the comments!

CHA Embellishments: Craftwork Cards

Reported by Maria Del Pinto

Craftwork Cards was on hand to display their cute  “Candi” line of paper products that will help designers and crafters to create colorful projects with these dots.

These are like brads but without the legs. They are made by a company in the UK, and are available in a multitude of colors (including metallics).
The idea is that it would be easier to use the faux brads for a multitude of applications.  
They can be used for making cards, invitations, home décor, gifts, and memory projects.

You can even make paper roses for hair clips with them.

This is a wonderful addition to anyone’s craft supplies. It has potential for some fun lightweight jewelry projects.  The metallic dots would be cool to use on altered art projects.  I think they would work fabulously for kids craft projects, as well.

What would you make with these?  

Click on the link at the top of the page to visit Craft Critique for comments, giveaways and more!

Crafty Holiday Gift Wrap

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, and once you are finished with all your holiday purchases, it’s time to get wrapping. Gift wrapping can be such a creative outlet, so go ahead and put those crafty items to use and jazz up those boxes this year!

Sure, I like traditional wrapping paper just like the next guy, but newspaper can work too—and can cost nothing.

Start with a plain wrapped box. I like to use the property sales section of the paper since it is all words and no pictures.

Next, simply add some bakers twine and some punched snowflakes. Here, I used the Martha Stewart Alpine and Himalayan snowflake craft punches, as well as her red and white bakers twine.

Another option would be to use those snowflakes directly on the newsprint and write the recipients name with marker.

Or jazz up this idea with some of the Martha Stewart glitter glue. Here I added the garnet, onyx and carrara marble.

Look at all that sparkly glitter, with none of the mess!

Don’t like or have newspaper? Try some plain tissue paper. I like to double wrap my gifts in tissue so that none of the print from the box shows through.
You can decorate simply by adding a piece of your favorite patterned paper like I did here with a strip of last year’s holiday paper from Cosmo Cricket.
Or you can create a cool paper snowflake for the top that will wow anyone on your list. First, you will need six pieces of white copy paper cut 2″ x 2″.

Fold each piece on the diagonal.

Then you are going to use a ruler and mark one of the pieces like below, so that you will be making even cuts on each piece but not all the way through the top. Cut each piece using this first as a guide.

Next, open the pieces and begin gluing the centers together. I used Scotch Quick Dry Tacky Adhesive because, well, it’s quick. If you are using patterned paper or cardstock you will need stronger glue but for this light copy paper, I just held each in place for a few moments and they were set. The first piece with look something like this.

Then, flip it over and glue the next. You will alternate with each section.

When you are finished, your piece will look like this. Glue each of your six pieces—it may take a little time, this part took the longest at 15 minutes.

Finally, glue the petals together. I used a button in the center, adhered with my hot glue gun, to hold the whole thing together. You can tie it on your package, and the recipient can use it as an ornament next year. I know this may seem slightly tedious but the entire process took me about 30 minutes. And don’t the very special people in your life deserve a paper snowflake?

There are other really great crafty gift wrap ideas online. Here are just a few to inspire you:

Got a great gift wrapping idea of your own? Is there a tutorial on your blog you’d like to share? Using your crafty products in a cool way this holiday season? Share your ideas in the Comments Section—we would love to hear about it!